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The SUNY Center for Applied Microbiology was established July 1, 2004, through a generous donation by Dr. Chin Yang. The Center continues to function and provide funding for academic research in the broad arena of applied microbiology. The funds are managed through the ESF College Foundation, Inc. and provide support for graduate students, faculty and modest equipment needs.

The Center now consists of these faculty members: Dr. Christopher Whipps (Director), Dr. Susan Anagnost (Associate Director), Dr. Thomas Horton , Dr. Chun Wang (Professor Emeritus), and Dr. Christopher Nomura.

Current Research

Current research is directed toward the revival and maintenance of fungal cultures, mostly basidiomycetes for the EPA-funded project under the direction of Drs. Anagnost, and Wang. Dr. Horton focuses on Mycorrhizal fungi, their ecology, conservation, and application. Dr. Whipps continues to focus on microbial diseases of fish and Dr. Nomura has an active program on the metabolic and protein engineering ofbacteria producing biodegradable polymers as substitutes for polypropylene.  


Center Goals

In order to establish the CAM as a successful research center at ESF, several goals have guided the vision and direction of the center since its inception. These goals include:

• To nurture and encourage high quality research in the field of microbiology

• Increase the prestige and recognition of the institution, its faculty and its students by publishing notable research in recognized, professional publications

• Secure significant new research funding from external sources, leveraging the CAM’s base fund as an investment.

• Engage and develop multidisciplinary partnerships among leading faculty researchers at ESF focusing on applied microbiology.

• Provide opportunities for students to engage in research of significance in the field of microbiology.

• Purchase special equipment essential to conducting research in the field.


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