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The SUNY Center for Applied Microbiology was established July 1, 2004, through a generous donation by Dr. Chin Yang. The Center continues to function and provide funding for academic research in the broad arena of applied microbiology. The funds are managed through the ESF College Foundation, Inc. and provide support for graduate students, faculty and modest equipment needs.

The Center now consists of these faculty members: Dr. Christopher Whipps (Director), Dr. Susan Anagnost (Associate Director), Dr. James Nakas, Dr. Chun Wang (Professor Emeritus), and Dr. Christopher Nomura.

Current Research

Current research is directed toward the revival and maintenance of fungal cultures, mostly basidiomycetes for the EPA-funded project under the direction of Drs. Anagnost, and Wang. Dr. Nakas continues his work on biodegradable thermoplastics. The purpose of this research is to achieve synthesis of these polymers,(polyhydroxyalkanoates, PHAs, totally from wood-based and other renewable feedstocks which include xylan and levulinic acid, both of which can be generated by thewood products industry. Glycerol, a byproduct of the biodiesel industry, is also considered a renewable feedstock for conversion to biofuels and bioproducts. Dr. Whipps continues to focus on microbial diseases of fish and Dr. Nomura has an active program on the metabolic and protein engineering ofbacteria producing biodegradable polymers as substitutes for polypropylene.  


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  2. A New Technology Disclosure (NTD) was filed with the Research Foundation of the State University of New York: Production of Biodegradable Co-Polymers from Biodiesel Glycerol and Levulinic Acid, June 4, 2010. A separate patent is being pursued for this technology.
  3. Nakas, J.P., Zhu, C., Perotta, J.A., and C.T. Nomura. (2009). Production of biodegradable co-polymers from biodiesel glycerol and levulinic acid. New Technology Disclosure. The Research Foundation. Technology Transfer Office. Filed on Dec. 12, 2009.
  4. Nomura, C.T. and J. Lu. (2009). Hydrophobic compound capture-apparatus made from biodegradable polymers and methods based thereon. Filed July 15, 2009. U.S. Patent Application No. 12/503,719. File No. 1279-012NP. Ref. R1602


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