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Thesis Defense - Samuel Peterson

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm | 141 Baker | Sponsor: Office of Instruction & Graduate Studies | Contact: Colin Beier, 470-6578

Adaptive Peaks Seminar Series Fall 2016

All seminars held 4 - 5 p.m., Illick 5, reception follows (Illick 12)

Thursday, October 6

Dr. Andrei Tolstikov
Dr. Tolstikov is the Vice Rector for Research and International Affairs at Tyumen State University in Siberia and a world leading authority on mite taxonomy and evolution. He was previously a Fulbright fellow and has held exchange positions at the University of Idaho and Indiana University aimed towards developing successful International Studies Programs.  Dr. Tolstikov has also lectured on topics including the environmental impacts of the Russian oil and gas industry and its development in high Arctic latitude ecosystems.

Thursday, October 13

Dr. Mark Lesser
Dr. Lesser is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Shepherd University in West Virginia. Research topics in his lab include understanding the factors that dictate plant species range limits. Dr. Lesser is also interested in population dynamics at range margins, along with migration and dispersal patterns over multiple spatial and temporal scales. His research integrates dendroecology (tree ring analysis), population genetics and climatology, along with traditional population and community ecology tools.

Thursday, November 10

Dr. Stephen Stehman
Dr. Stehman is a Professor in the Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management and is SUNY-ESF’s 2016-2017 Exemplary Researcher.  Dr. Stehman’s areas of expertise include geodesy, remote sensing, and understanding global changes in forests and land cover in response to environmental changes and human stressors.  Dr. Stehman has published over 100 research articles in prestigious journals including Science and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and is one of ESF’s most highly cited researchers.

Thursday, December 1

Dr. Christopher Rota
Dr. Rota is an Assistant Professor of quantitative ecology in the Wildlife and Fisheries Resources Program at West Virginia University. His research interests focuses on the development and application of modern statistical techniques to address a diverse set of questions in applied vertebrate ecology. Dr. Rota also has research interests in the fields of species distribution and habitat modeling and has worked on projects understanding the population demographics of a restored Elk population and the effects of the oil and gas industry on Mule Deer in North Dakota.