Chemical Ecology

M.S., M.P.S. and Ph.D.

chemical ecology

As a relatively new interdisciplinary endeavor, workers in this field attempt to understand organismal interactions, both intra- and interspecific, mediated by chemical substances such as hormones, pheromones, kairomones and phytoalexins.

These interactions occur at all taxonomic levels: between uni- and multicellular organisms, microbes and plants, plants and plants, plants and animals, microbes and animals and various species of animals. Study of such interactions has accelerated in recent years through joint efforts of biologists and chemists in basic and applied research in the laboratory and field.

The area of study in chemical ecology is offered through collaboration between the Department of Environmental and Forest Biology and the Department of Chemistry. Interested students should apply to the department of major interest, which will have prime responsibility for setting requirements. Faculty from both areas contribute to the development of a plan of study enabling a student to acquire sophisticated skills in either chemistry or biology and an ample understanding of the other field to grapple with problems requiring an understanding of both.

Participating Faculty

  • Gregory L. Boyer;
    BIOCHEMISTRY and ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY, plant and algal biochemistry, chemical ecology and toxins produced by algae. ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING, including Buoy and ship-based monitoring systems for water quality
  • Jose L. Giner;
    organic and natural products chemistry, sterol synthesis, natural products
  • Hyatt Green;
    Molecular Microbial Ecology, Microbial Water Quality, Microbial Biogeography, Host-Microbe Co-evolution, Fermentation Microbiology
  • Stephen A. Teale;
    forest entomology, insect behavior, pheromones of forest insects, insect ecology, pest management, chemical ecology, evolution of pheromone communications
  • Mark A. Teece;
    environmental chemistry, food web biochemistry, stable isotope biogeochemistry, coral, stable isotopes, metabolomics, biogeochemistry
  • Francis X. Webster;
    pheremone chemistry, chemical ecology, organic chemistry

Current Graduate Students in Chemical Ecology

Only currently registered students appear—new student names are added at the start of the academic year.

Dana Brennan

Dana Brennan
Chemical Ecology
Degree Sought: MS
Advisor(s): Fierke

Daniel Collins
Chemical Ecology
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Newman

Alejandro Mieles García

Alejandro Mieles García
Chemical Ecology
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Teale
Undergraduate Institute: Universidad Técnica de Manabí (Biological Sciences)

Previous Graduate Study: Universidad Autónoma de Baja C (Management Science )

Philornis working group
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Chemical Ecology and Entomolog
Analysis of pheromones to control parasitic flies (Philornis downsi) in Galapagos Islands.

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