I teach EFB-502 (Ecology and Management of Invasive Species) every spring (3 credits)

In fall semesters, I alternate between Plant-Herbivore Interactions (even numbered years) and Forensic Entomology (odd numbered years).

I also teach Forensic Entomology as part of Syracuse University’s Forensic Science Program in the fall of odd numbered years

I offer several different graduate seminars; these are offered when demand is sufficient (usually every other year)

Past Syllabi (Click Links)

Fall 2013: FSC-462/662 Forensic Entomology

Fall 2013: EFB-496/696 Forensic Entomology
Spring 2014: EFB-502 The Ecology and Management of Invasive Species

Fall 2012: EFB: 797 Current Topics in Insect Ecology: Insects and Climate Change (Grad Seminar)

Fall 2013: EFB-797 Revisiting Elton: 50+ Years of Invasion Ecology (Grad Seminar) 


Current Course(s) (Click for Link)

Fall 2014: EFB-504: Plant-Herbivore Interactions

Fall 2014: EFB-797 Invertebrate Conservation (Grad Seminar) 


Spring 2015

EFB-502 Ecology and Management of Invasive Species

EFB-797 Invasions and Native Biodiversity (Grad Seminar)


Each summer, I also instruct one of the two entomology sections in EFB-202, the required biodiversity course taught at Cranberry Lake, NY

Office Hours:
Monday 10:00-12:00, Thursday 12:45-2:00 or e-mail or talk to me before / after class for appt.