I'm interested in many aspects of ecology, including conservation biology, population dynamics, invasive species, and life-history strategies. I primarily work with invertebrates, particularly moths (Lepidoptera) in temperate forests, their predators, parasitoids, and pathogens, and the interaction between caterpillars, their host plants, and environmental factors. Many questions that are of interest to me are not specific to this fascinating and diverse group of organisms, but apply broadly to the fields of community, population, and evolutionary ecology.


  • The extirpation of the invasive browntail moth from North America
  • Host tree interactions with parasitoids of tent caterpillars
  • Competition between exotic and native parasitoids of forest Lepidoptera
  • Conservation of the federally-listed Karner blue butterfly in New York
  • Habitat structure and conservation of the barrens buck moth on Cape Cod
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