Dale L. Travis Lecture Series

Spring 2016 Lecture
Renewal of a Jewel - Onondaga Lake: Effective Collaboration Among Students, Scientists, Agencies and Private Enterprise

March 30, 2016

Dr. Neil H. Ringler

The Dale L. Travis Public Lecture Series presented "Renewal of a Jewel - Onondaga Lake: Effective Collaboration Among Students, Scientists, Agencies and Private Enterprise" on March 30, 2016, at the Gateway Center on the ESF campus. The event featured the work of Dr. Neil H. Ringler, Distinguished Teaching Professor and Vice Provost for Research at ESF.

Once considered among the nation's most severely damaged lakes, Onondaga Lake is on a remarkable path of recovery. Dr. Ringler presented highlights from thirty years of research on the Lake and its habitats. Beginning with the closure of the Soda Ash facility in 1986, Dr. Ringler and more than thirty of his graduate students (plus many undergrads) have researched aquatic life in Onondaga Lake. Their studies range from the return of aquatic plants to the colonization of zebra mussels, spawning success of sunfish, migration patterns of walleye and sturgeon, and population dynamics of largemouth and smallmouth bass. Dr. Ringler also discussed collaborations that have made such extensive work possible.

The event was sponsored by the Dale L. Travis Public Lecture Series at ESF.

More on Dr. Ringler

Educated in biology and fisheries biology in California, Oregon and Michigan, Dr. Ringler joined the ESF faculty in 1975 as Assistant Professor of Zoology. He was named SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor in 1993, the highest professorial rank in the SUNY system. His courses have included fishery biology, fish ecology, population ecology, animal flight, zoology, and currently, comparative vertebrate anatomy and aquatic entomology. He has trained 70 graduate students at M.S. and Ph.D. levels, each doing research in aquatic sciences, particularly fishes and aquatic insects. More than half of these students, and many undergraduates, have contributed to our understanding of the habitats and biota of Onondaga Lake, as discussed above. Dr. Ringler plans to continue such work; future studies on Onondaga Lake include responses of fishes and invertebrate food organisms to enhanced physical structure and the increasing activity and success of anglers on the lake and its tributaries

Event Information

Dale L. Travis

Ten years after graduating from ESF (Wood Products Engineering '59), Dale Travis was transferred to New York City by U.S. Plywood. Shortly thereafter, Dale founded his own business, Dale Travis Associates Inc. (DTA) to produce fine architectural signage. DTA works with some of the most prominent architects and graphic designers in the world. Its exterior and interior signs distinguish corporate buildings and museums across the country. Recent museum projects include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, the Rose Center (Hayden Planetarium), and the Morgan Library & Museum. DTA were privileged to carve the cornerstones for 1 World Trade Center and 4 World Trade Center. DTA are a member of the Society of Environmental Graphic Designers. The Dale L. Travis Lecture Series is intended to inform the public about the incredible research going on at ESF in many different fields of study.



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