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Dale L. Travis Lecture Series

Dale L. Travis Lecture Series

Spring 2017 Lecture
Top Dog? The Ecological Role of the Coyote in Northeastern Forests

March 28, 2017
7:30 pm, Gateway Center at ESF

Dr. Jacqueline Frair 

Once restricted to the western plains, coyotes colonized New York State in the 1920s and today are the largest and most widespread canine predator around.  ESF’s Dr. Jacqueline Frair was joined for a night of “coyote tales,” based on extensive and novel research conducted by her team. How many coyotes are there in New York State, what do they eat, and what is their impact on other species in the region? All of this and more was learned about the new “top dog” in the eastern forest.

Before settlement by Europeans, wolves were the top canine predator in the region, and could be heard howling from the area that is now downtown Syracuse. After wolves and panthers were extirpated, coyotes moved in to fill the open niche. Dr. Frair describes coyotes as “the a student gathering dataultimate opportunistic omnivore,” adaptable and plastic, consuming comestibles from corn and crickets, to mice, woodchuck, and deer. With funding from the NYS DEC, Dr. Frair and her team have studied coyotes to learn about their population numbers, diet and movements, and effects on New York ecosystems. For example, could coyote predation affect numbers of white-tailed deer?

Dr. Frair is Associate Professor in Environmental and Forest Biology at ESF. She is also Associate Director of ESF’s Roosevelt Wild Life Station, a research center focused on preserving our wildlife heritage and imperiled species worldwide. She and her students have worked with a wide range of mammals from bats to beaver, white-tailed deer, foxes and wolves. Her students’ work spans the globe, extending to studies of jaguar in the Brazilian Pantanal, and lion-human conflicts in Africa. She teaches several popular courses at ESF including Applied Wildlife Science, Wildlife Field Techniques, and Landscape Ecology.

The event was sponsored by the Dale L. Travis Public Lecture Series at SUNY ESF.


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Dale Travis

Dale L. Travis

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