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NAE Grand Challenge Scholars Program

Vision and Goal for ESF Grand Challenge Scholars Program

SUNY-ESF has a goal and a vision to train students in the area of humanitarian engineering. We define humanitarian engineering to involve the planning, design, construction, and operation of useful products, processes, or systems to improve the economic, environmental, and social conditions for those in need, worldwide. We are using and the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP) as an academic model to help us realize this engineering training.

ESF is a now a NAE GCSP school. ESF and the NAE GCSP expect students to engage in 5 curricular areas to realize our shared goal:

  1. Do it - engage in a project or research experience related to a grand challenge problem (see list)
  2. Learn it - engage in an interdisciplinary curriculum to achieve balanced solutions
  3. Share it - engage in global exchanges about variations in problems and solutions
  4. Create it - engage in entrepreneurial activity to deploy the solutions
  5. Teach it - engage in service learning to broaden participation in grand challenges

Students satisfying the 5 curricular areas will obtain a designation of completion of the ESF NAE GCSP on their college transcripts.

This program fits within ESF's educational mission to advance knowledge and skills to promote the leadership necessary for the stewardship of both the natural and designed environments. Humanitarian engineering also embodies the ESF slogan, "Improve your world".

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