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M.S., M.P.S. & Ph.D.

The Management area of study focuses on both the underlying theory and on-the-ground application of practices to achieve sustainable outcomes in natural resource systems. Because management practices and decisions arise from the combination of ecological knowledge, economic considerations and landowner/manager objectives and/or policies, research opportunities in management are interdisciplinary by nature.

Participating Faculty

  • Colin M. Beier;
    forest ecosystem and landscape ecology, social-ecological systems, climate change, ecosystem services, landscape change modeling, resilience, adaptive management, resource governance, applied geoinformatics
  • Eddie Bevilacqua;
    sampling/inventory, biometrics, forest mensuration, growth and yield modeling, applied statistics, GIS/spatial analysis, forest ecology, landscape ecology, ecological modeling, tree-ring science, quantitative silviculture
  • Russell D. Briggs;
    forest ecology, watershed ecology, soils, ecosystem services, watershed management, forest soils, silviculture
  • René Germain;
    forest health, policy, silviculture, forest management and operations, forest management for renewable energy, watershed management, sustainable forestry systems
  • Mariann T. Johnston;
    forest ecology, soils, biogeochemistry, forest health, silviculture
  • Diane M. Kuehn;
    social and recreational dimensions, ecotourism and nature tourism, recreation management and research
  • Valerie A. Luzadis;
    ecological economics, ecosystem services, policy, social and recreational dimensions, forest management for renewable energy, watershed management, natural resources policy and values, sustainable development, renewable energy, participatory decision-making
  • Robert W. Malmsheimer;
    natural resources, policy and law, forest management for renewable energy, climate change and managed forests, forest policy and law, public land crimes, land trusts and land conservation policy
  • Charles A. Maynard;
    Research Areas of Interest plant tissue culture, genetic engineering a blight-resistant the American chestnut, conventional forest genetics & tree improvement, forest ecology, forest health, restoration ecology
  • Christopher A. Nowak;
    Vegetation Management, Silviculture and Forest Ecology, Production Ecology and Plant Ecophysiology, Invasive Exotic Plant Control, Biogeography and Cultural Landscapes, Sustainable Management and Certification Systems
  • Ralph D. Nyland;
    forest ecology, forest health, restoration ecology, silviculture, forest management and operations, quantitative silviculture, forest practice
  • Stephen V. Stehman;
    environmental sampling, map accuracy assessment, environmental monitoring; applied statistics
  • John C. Stella;
    riparian and stream ecology, restoration ecology, watershed management, ecological modeling, tree-ring science, river restoration
  • Philippe G. Vidon;
    Stream Restoration, Ecological Engineering, Riparian Zone and Watershed Management, Water Quality, Riparian Zone/Watershed Biogeochemistry and Hydrology, Best Management Practices, Surface and Subsurface Hydrology, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Mercury, Carbon Cycling, Greenhouse Gases (N2O, CO2, CH4).
  • Timothy A. Volk;
    silviculture, forest management for renewable energy, biomass and bioenergy, energy, agroforestry, phytoremediation, management and sustainability of short rotation woody crops, life cycle analysis, ecophysiology, international forestry
  • John E. Wagner;
    forest resource and environmental economics, ecosystem services, policy, quantitative silviculture, forest management and operations, operations research, simulation

Contact Us

René H. Germain
Graduate Education Coordinator - FNRM
316 Bray Hall, One Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210-2788
Phone: (315) 470-6698
Fax: (315) 470-6535

Current Students

Only currently registered students appear—new student names are added at the start of the academic year.

Sohaib Waseem AnwarSohaib Waseem Anwar

Environmental Management

Degree Sought: MPS
Advisor(s): Tao
Undergraduate Institute: University of Eng and Tech Lahore (Env Eng)

Graduate Research Topic
Environmental/Energy Systems Modelling

Favorite Quote
"Intelligence is a reflection of well you function in your environment" - Issac Asimov

Kanaka Pratheek ArraKanaka Pratheek Arra

E Construction Management

Degree Sought: MPS
Advisor(s): Smith

Michael BullockMichael Bullock

Recreation & Resource Management

Degree Sought: MS
Advisor(s): Kuehn

Chandrani GhoshChandrani Ghosh


Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Germain
Undergraduate Institute: Presidency College/Calcutta un

Previous Graduate Study: Forest Research Institute (Forestry )

Graduate Research Topic
Community based forest management with focus on India

Matthew KellyMatthew Kelly


Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Germain
Undergraduate Institute: New York University

Previous Graduate Study: SUNY-ESF (FNRM )

Doctoral Research Topic
Determining the costs of implementing Best Management Practices for protecting water quality on family forests using a combination of detailed time study and shift-level productivity methods.

Favorite Quote
A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone. - Henry David Thoreau

Masters Research Topic
I used conjoint analysis to determine family forest owner preferences for incentive-based forest conservation programs.

Xolile MaphangaXolile Maphanga

Environmental Management

Degree Sought: MPS
Advisor(s): Tao
Undergraduate Institute: University of Swaziland (Environmental health)


Graduate Research Topic
Environmental Resources Engineering

Favorite Quote
I feel more confident than ever that the power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer. - Denis Hayes

Tim McNaneyTim McNaney

Sustainable Engineering Management

Degree Sought: MPS
Advisor(s): Scott

Patrick PenfieldPatrick Penfield


Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Germain

Previous Graduate Study: LeMoyne College (Business )

Web Link

Personal Statement
My research interests are in supply chains within saw mills, sustainability, continuous improvement,purchasing and project management. Right now the biggest driver of my research activities is the pursuit of my doctoral degree. I also want to be able to publish articles that will benefit society and help change the world in a positive manner. This past year I published my first peer reviewed article with Dr. Germain. Iím in the process working on my dissertation while finishing my course work and working full time.

Graduate Research Topic
Sawmill Supply Chains

Favorite Quote
You can please some of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time but you can't please all the people all the time. Abe Lincoln

Matthew ZelieMatthew Zelie

Sustainable Engineering Management

Degree Sought: MPS
Advisor(s): Amidon

Graduate Research Topic
Enzymatic hydrolysis of Acetone-Water (AW) washed, hot-water extracted sugar maple and willow wood chips

Favorite Quote
"Coincidence is the last refuge of the uninspired"

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