My research group is interested in understanding the processes regulating water, nutrient, and contaminant fluxes in watersheds. In particular, we are interested in understanding how land use and climate change affect the movement of water, nutrients and contaminants in watersheds. Ultimately, the purpose of this work is to develop a better understanding of the processes regulating the quality and quantity of water in watersheds so better environmental policy and management strategies can be developed.

Although most of my research is science oriented and solidly grounded in the fields of hydrology and biogeochemistry, I believe that an interdisciplinary approach linking hydrology and biogeochemistry with environmental policy and social sciences is critical for all to develop a solid understanding of human-environment interactions in complex systems.


An Interdisciplinary Approach to Watershed Hydrology and Biogeochemistry

Recent News...

01/09/15: Welcome to Piotr Domaszczynski. Piotr is a post-doctoral fellow and will work on the project “The integrated water-system of the Great Lakes Region: Its conditions and challenges for the future”. Check his profile here.

09/22/14: Welcome to Kate Powers, Alison Bressler and Tim Koch. All will start their MS degree in the Graduate Program in Environmental Science. Check their profiles here.

07/10/2013: Summer field work in North Carolina with Dr. Sara McMillan and graduate students Sara Marchese, Jordan Gross, and Molly Welsh (see pics on the news page).

01/07/2013: Thank you to Satish and Joshua for a great field trip to the middle of the Adirondacks to sample for greenhouse gases (see pics on the news page)


Contact Information: Dr. Philippe Vidon, Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management & Division of Environmental Science, 320 Bray Hall, The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, 1 Forestry Drive, Syracuse, NY, 13210, USA, Tel: (315) 470 4765,

The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) (Dr. Philippe Vidon – is inviting applications for 1 full-time Ph.D. assistantship (3-years) to work on a recently funded USDA-AFRI project in collaboration with the University of Rhode Island and the USDA-ARS to develop a new landscape based approach to optimize riparian zone nitrogen and phosphorus management in glaciated settings. The ideal candidate will have a Master of Science with a strong conceptual understanding of surficial geology, sub-surface hydrology, and N and P cycling, and a strong desire to learn database management skills and multivariable modeling methods. Start date: May 2015. To apply, click here.