Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.)
Graduate Programs in Paper & Bioprocess Engineering

The M.P.S. program in Paper and Bioprocess Engineering offers options in Paper Science and Engineering and Bioprocess Engineering. The Paper Science and Engineering Options deals with the processes involved in the manufacture of pulp, paper, and related products. Two areas of study are available within this option.

  • Process and Environmental Systems Engineering is more engineering focused and encompasses process development, design, operation, and optimization of manufacturing methods and equipment ("Paper Engineering").
  • Pulp and Paper Technology is more science and technology focused and deals with the processes, chemistry, and products used in the industry ("Paper Science").

The Bioprocess Engineering Option encompasses both the use of renewable and sustainable resources for the production of chemicals, advanced materials, fuel, and energy, as well as the use of bioprocessing technology to produce such products.

The Sustainable Engineering Management Option allows students to investigate a variety of science and engineering topics together with courses in business, management, policy, law, and other fields to form a Professional Science Master's program (P.S.M.) recognized by the Council of Graduate Schools.

Why an M.P.S. in Paper and Bioprocess Engineering?

With only four universities across the United States with Paper Science and Engineering programs and only two with Bioprocess Engineering programs, the M.P.S. degree in the PBE department gives you a great value addition to your B.S. degree while opening up opportunties in a field where there is a shortage of engineers and scientists. In addition, the program offers:

  • Non-thesis masters
  • Paid Internships
  • Full-time and part-time opportunties available
  • Scholarships available from the Syracuse Pulp and Paper Foundation
  • Companies ready to hire
  • Starting salaries beginning at $60,000/year
  • Specialized degree with applications in many other industries including chemical companies, machine manufacturers, fabric and composite material manufacturers.

Do You...

  • Have a background that is intensive in scientific fundamentals e.g. Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Biotechnology)?
  • Enjoy working in a team setting?
  • Excel at overcoming technical challenges?

Companies Employing our PBE Graduates

Our graduates are hand selected by some of the largest companies in the world and have positions from process engineer to senior management. Our graduates have ample opportunity to travel, and live all around the world.

  • International Paper Co.
  • Mohawk Papers
  • Burrows Papers
  • Kimberly-Clark Corp.
  • Proctor and Gamble
  • Georgia-Pacific
  • MWV (MeadWestVaco)
  • Ashland Chemicals
  • Corn Products
  • RockTenn
  • Nalco Corporation
  • Albany International
  • Honeywell

Research Results Taught in the Classroom

The research in this area deals closely with the processes involved in the manufacture of pulp, paper, chemical, and bio-based products. Selected courses in chemistry, polymers, chemical engineering, process control, applied mathematics, and computer applications are pivotal to extended and enriched a student’s understanding of the field. Supporting this work is an experimental pulp and paper mill with two complete paper machines, a pressurized refiner and extensive auxiliary equipment. Bioprocess engineering equipment includes extraction and hydrolysis equipment, fermentation equipments from the laboratory to the pilot scale, nanofiltration, and distillation and other post-processing equipment. Some areas currently being researched are

  • Pulping conditions and fiber properties
  • Fungal and enzymatic treatments
  • Chemicals and energy as byproducts
  • Statistical analysis of paper structure
  • Recycling of papermaking fibers
  • Biofuels from renewable materials
  • Fermentation production of bioplastics and other biochemicals

For more information on the research in the department, please explore the webpages of the faculty members.

Program Requirements

To complete the M.P.S. in Paper and Bioprocess Engineering, the student must complete 30 credits of coursework which includes a professional experience (internship)/synthesis course. The coursework consists of required courses (12 credits) that cover the core principles of the area of study together with science and engineering-focused electives (12-15 credits) appropriate to the option pursued. A professional experience (typically an internship over the summer) completes the program requirements (3-6 credits). The specific coursework for each of the options and areas of study are given in the links below:


Please contact Dr. Gary M. Scott, Professor and Chair at 315-470-6501 or

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