Paper Science

Bachelor of Science

The paper science program allows those students who are more science-focused to prepare for careers in the pulp, paper and allied industries.

Students graduating from this program are well-suited for employment in many different facets of the industry andthe allied chemical industry, as well as in applications of chemistry and biology. This program prepares students for careers in the technical, managerial or technical representative areas that extend in many directions.

Program educational objectives are broad statements that describe the career and professional accomplishments that the Paper Science program is preparing the graduates to achieve. We expect graduates:

  1. To achieve rewarding careers in paper science and related fields after graduation.
  2. To demonstrate achievement in their careers through increasing professional responsibility and continued life-long learning.

The program consists mainly of chemistry, some engineering courses, and specialized courses relating to the manufacture and use of pulp and paper products. The student may choose to complete one of the options described below, with some options requiring the completion of a college minor. The option electives allow the student to specialize in a subject area of interest.

Students may be admitted to the paper science program as first-year students with appropriate science backgrounds from their high school or as transfers at any level with accommodations for coursework requirements. Students who have the associate degree in engineering science, chemical technology, or science and mathematics are encouraged to apply as transfer students.


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