Pre-law at ESF

ESF offers pre-professional advising to students interested in pursuing law as a profession.

Unlike some other professional programs, law schools do not require or recommend a specific program of study or specific coursework. Instead, the Law School Admissions Council advises students who are interested in the legal profession to pursue undergraduate education that demonstrates success in intellectually challenging curricula that enhance students’ critical thinking skills.

The ESF pre-law program helps students understand the opportunities in environmental law and develop a law school application package that demonstrates to law schools their true potential. The program is based primarily on individual pre-law advising between the student and Dr. Robert Malmsheimer, ESF’s Pre-law advisor.

This website is designed to provide ESF students with some of the information they need to know to attend law school. If you are a student considering attending ESF for the undergraduate degree you need before you can attend law school, click HERE.

If you are an ESF student interested in law school, you need to know that the ESF Pre-law program is based upon students’ academic progress. As students progress through their ESF careers, the intensity of the program increases and students have more responsibilities. The following links give you information on the Prelaw Program and lists of tasks that you need to complete each year:

The following links provide more information on Pre-law Topics:

Other Pre-law Internet resources:

Amanda Knapp (‘03), Rebecca Salm (‘03), and Eldon Harmon (‘01) provided substantial contributions to this website.


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