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2016 RSAA Calendar of Events and Important Dates

  • January 20-22, 2016: NYSAPLS Surveying Conference at Turning Stone, Oneida, NY
  • Jan. 20th, Wednesday: Alumni Reception 7—9 PM Marble Hill Inn 4482 Marble Hill Road Oneida, NY
  • Jan 27-29, 2016: NYS SAF Conference Doubletree Hotel, Carrier Circle Syracuse, NY
  • Jan. 28 6:30 – 8:00 PM Thurs. : Alumni/SAF Reception Michigan/Ontario Room
  • February 13 & 14, 2016: WOW, Winter weekend
  • February TBD, 2016: RSAA Winter Board meeting in Wanakena. TBD
  • March 5, 2016: RS Student—Alumni Annual Hockey Tournament 1 –3 pm Tennity Ice Pavilion, Syracuse, NY
  • Spring 2016: NYS Wildlife Society Meeting Place & time TBD
  • April 23, 2016: RS Spring Open House Wanakena 9:30—3:00
  • April 29, 2016: RSAA Spring Board meeting
  • April 29-30, 2016: Alumni House Work Weekend
  • May 21, 2016: Class of 2016 Graduation
  • May 29, - June 24, 2016: FNRM Summer Program at Wanakena.
  • July 10, 2016: Ranger School Summer Bridge Program begins
  • August 5 & 6, 2016: 82nd Annual Alumni Reunion
  • August 14, 2016: Class of 2017 Arrive
  • October TBD, 2016: RSAA Fall Bd. meeting Close the Alumni House.

Other Important Dates:

  • The Blue Ox Woodsmen's team have meets: April 9th in Cobleskill, and April 22-23 is Alfred Spring meet.

Awards and Scholarships

The Philip J. Haddock Award for Excellence

The Philip J. Haddock award is presented by the Board of Directors each year. It is voted on at the Spring meeting and presented during the reunion. Nominations are solicited in the winter newsletter. “ The person selected does not have to be (or have been) an officer of the RSAA or a member of the Executive Committee, but neither should such persons be excluded. The person selected should be one who has made an outstanding contribution of some kind (not monetary). This contribution may be in the nature of a single, noteworthy actor a lower-keyed, but long term commitment to the School and/or the RSAA or for the alumni in general.”

Past recipients:

  • 2015—Peter Zubal, '59
  • 2014—Thomas Hodges, '53
  • 2013—Jerald Holbrook, '56
  • 2012—Robert Simmons
  • 2011—Wayne Allen, '79
  • 2010—Jerry Kniskern ’50
  • 2009—Bruce Williams ‘76
  • 2008—Lee Berry ‘68
  • 2007—Charles Hartnett ‘51
  • 2006—Lawrence Hill ‘50
  • 2005—Ken Myers ‘52
  • 2004—Dick Thomas ‘54
  • 2003—Stephen Coulthart ‘53
  • 2002—Christopher Westbrook ‘73
  • 2001—Thomas Martin ‘76
  • 2000—Gail Simmons

All other recipients back to 1980 are posted each year in the Newsletter

Kermit E. Remele Award of Meritorious Service

The award is presented by the RSAA in honor of Kermit E Remele. Professor Remele, a 1943 graduate of the Ranger School, served on the Ranger School faculty for over 30 years. As an active member of the RSAA he served as editor of the Alumni News and held the office of Secretary for many years. One of his greatest strengths was his ability to mobilize an motivate people to work for the betterment of the Ranger School. The intent of this award is therefore to recognize groups of people who have combined efforts have gone beyond the norm to have a positive lasting influence on the Ranger School.

Past recipients:

  • 2000—Class of 1950
  • 2003—Surveying Friends Committee
  • 2005—Class of 1955
  • 2008—Class of 1968
  • 2009—Village of Wanakena residents
  • 2011—St. Regis Mohawk Tribe, Environment Division
  • 2012—Administration of SUNY ESF
  • 2013—Ranger School Centennial Committee

Other Awards

The following awards are presented each year at the beginning of the Spring semester by the RSAA President:

  • Van Witsen
  • Wesson
  • Eagle Award Matthew Moore ‘90

... and more.

RSAA Board of Directors

RSAA President
Ariane Tanski '2009 | email

1st Vice-President
Noah Herne '96 | email

Executive Secretary
Jeffrey Speich '90 | email

Bruce Williams '76 | email

John Adams '82 | email
Christi Barber '2010 | email
Lee Berry '68 | email
Michael Bushey '94 | email
Robert Davis '83 | email
Christina Macholl '2012 | email
John O'Donnell '97 | email
Michael Rozeski '90 | email
Charles Sherman '2002 (no email)
Bernarard Siskavich '71 | email
Gregory Vaverchak '2002 | email
Michael Webb '74 | email
Steven D. Whalen '71 | email
Edwin White '59 | email
Scott Wilkinson'02 | email

Past President
Joan Macholl '83 | email

ESF Alumnni Director
Debbie Caviness | email

Ranger School Director
Michael Bridgen | email

RSAA Office Manager
Gail Simmons | email

Contact the RSAA

Gail Simmons, Office Manager
315 848 2566 ext 112 | email

RSAA Items for Sale

  • Belt Buckles - $15
  • Lapel Pins - $5
  • Decals - $5
  • Cookbooks - coming soon
  • Mementos - coming soon
  • Blue Ox t-shirts - may be available through the team
  • Hockey hats - may be available through the team.

To purchase any of the above items, please forward a check to the Association for the amount of the item plus shipping charges.


Decals and patches will be mailed in a legal envelope, no extra shipping charge.

Hats, t-shirts, buckles, cookbooks and mementos will add $5 per item.

Items will be shipped as soon as possible after receipt of the your request and payment.