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Listing of all General Education Courses

The following list comprises a complete listing of courses meeting specific General Education requirements within SUNY’s specified skill and knowledge areas.  SUNY ESF, as a specialized doctoral granting institution, holds an exemption from meeting the SUNY-wide requirement for a foreign language, and none are listed below.


APM 103Applied College Algebra and Trigonometry3
APM 104College Algebra and Precalculus 3
APM 105Survey of Calculus and Its Applications I 4
APM 106Survey of Calculus and Its Applications II 4
APM 115Essential Calculus4
APM 205Calculus I for Science and Engineering 4
APM 206Calculus for Science and Engineering II4
APM 391Introduction to Probability and Statistics 3
MAT 112Algebraic Operations and Functions3
MAT 117Foundational Mathematics via Problem Solving I3
MAT 118Foundational Mathematics via Problem Solving II3
MAT 121Probability and Statistics for the Liberal Arts I4
MAT 122Probability and Statistics for the Liberal Arts I4
MAT 194Precalculus4
MAT 295Calculus I4
MAT 296Calculus II4

Natural Sciences

EAR 101Dynamic Earth4
EFB 101General Biology I: Organismal Biology and Ecology3
EFB 102General Biology I Laboratory1
EFB 103General Biology II: Cell Biology and Genetics 3
EFB 104General Biology II Laboratory 1
EFB 120The Global Environment and the Evolution of Human Society 3
EFB 320 General Ecology 4
FCH 110Survey of Chemical Principles3
FCH 150General Chemistry I 3
FCH 151General Chemistry Laboratory I 1
FCH 152General Chemistry II 3
FCH 153General Chemistry Laboratory II 1
FCH 210Elements of Organic Chemistry 4
FCH 221Organic Chemistry I3
FCH 222Organic Chemistry Laboratory I 1
FCH 223Organic Chemistry II 3
FCH 224Organic Chemistry Laboratory II 1
FOR 232Natural Resources Ecology 3
PHY 211General Physics I3
PHY 212General Physics II3
PHY 221General Physics I Laboratory1
PHY 222General Physics II Laboratory1
SRE 225Physics of Energy3

Social Sciences

EFB 120The Global Environment and the Evolution of Human Society 3
EST 221Introduction to American Government 3
EST 366Attitudes, Values and the Environment3
EST 390Social Processes and the Environment 3
FOR 202Introduction to Sociology 3
FOR 207Introduction to Economics 3
GEO 103America and the Global Environment3
MAX 132Global Community3
PAF 101An Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy3
PSC 123Comparative Government and Politics3
PSC 124International Relations3
PSC 125Political Theory3
PSY 205Foundations of Human Behavior3
SOC 248Ethnic Inequalities and Intergroup Relations3
SOC 281Sociology of Families3

American History

For all students:

EST 201US History Reconstruction to the Present 3
EST 202American History: From Discovery to Civil War3
FOR 204Natural Resources in American History3
HST 101American History to 18653
HST 102American History Since 18653

For students scoring above 84 on the U.S. History Regents examination:

EST 361History of the American Environmental Movement 3

Western Civilization

FOR 203Western Civilization and the Environment3
HOA 105Arts and Ideas I3
HOA 106Arts and Ideas II3
HST 111Early Modern Europe, 1350-18153
HST 210The Ancient World3
HST 211Medieval and Renaissance Europe3
HST 212Religion in Medieval and Reformation Europe3
LIT 203Greek and Roman Epic in English Translation3
LIT 211Greek and Roman Drama in English Translation3
LSA 205Art, Culture and Landscape I 3
LSA 206Art, Culture and Landscape II 3
LSA 305History of Landscape Architecture I3
PSC 125Political Theory3
REL 114
JSP 114
The Bible

The Bible

REL 205Ancient Greek Religion3
REL 206Greco-Roman Religion3
REL 215
JSP 215
The Hebrew Bible

The Hebrew Bible


Other World Civilizations


AAS 241African Religions: An Introduction3
ANT 121Peoples and Cultures of the World3
ANT 185Global Encounters:Comparing World Views & Values Cross-Culturally3
ANT 324
SAS 324
WGS 324
Modern South Asian Cultures

Modern South Asian Cultures

Modern South Asian Cultures


ANT 326Africa Through the Novel3
AAS 231African American Literature to 1900: An Introduction3
AAS 235African American Drama3
EST 245Foundations of Environmental Communication3
ETS 107Living Writers3
ETS 151Interpretation of Poetry3
ETS 153Interpretation of Fiction3
ETS 192Gender and Literary Texts3
EWP 290Research Writing and Humanities3
LIN 201The Nature and Study of Language3
LIT 203Greek and Roman Epic in English Translation3
PHI 107Theories of Knowledge and Reality3
PHI 111Plato’s Republic3
REL 135Judaism3
REL 156Christianity3
REL 217The New Testament3
REL 231Judaic Literature3
REL 252Religious Ethics and Social Issues3

The Arts

APH 261Art Photography, Introduction3
ETS 215Introductory Poetry Workshop3
ETS 217Introductory Fiction Workshop3
EWP 350Eco-Cinema: Perspectives & Practices (Honors)3
HOA 105Arts and Ideas I3
HOA 106Arts and Ideas II3
HOA 201Masterpieces of Art3
HOA 276Visual Arts in North America3
HOA 377Nineteenth-Century American Art3
HOM 125Introductory Music Theory3
HOM 165Understanding Music I3
HOM 166Understanding Music II3
LSA 182Drawing Studio 3
LSA 205Art, Culture and Landscape I 3
LSA 206Art, Culture and Landscape II 3
PSE 201The Art and Early History of Papermaking 3

Basic Communication

EWP 190Writing and the Environment 3
EWP 405