Applying to an ESF Short-Term International Program

Students interested in participating in an ESF International Program must submit the International Program General Application (PDF) to the course program leader (contact information appears below with course descriptions).

Upon acceptance into the program (prior to departure), students must submit a completed set of SUNY-ESF International Academic Program Student Forms (PDF) with a copy of their passport, visa (if applicable), health insurance, and flight information (if the program does not include a group flight).

Additional Information

ESF Faculty-led, Short-term International Academic Courses
Study Abroad—Office of International Education

SUNY-ESF offers several faculty-led, short-term international academic courses throughout the academic year. Since the courses are offered by ESF, students enroll in the course directly with the college and credits and grades earned appear on students’ transcripts.

Current Short-Term International Course Offerings

Fall 2014

EFB 496 / 796 Restoring Ecosystems: Principles and Practice (Mexico)

We will be traveling throughout Chiapas, Mexico, where we will look at degraded and pristine rainforests, streams, wetlands, cloud forests. We will visit Mayan villages and climb Mayan temples and will meet with Latin American restoration experts and indigenous groups who have restored ecosystems. This trip will inform restoration designs that will be part of the class as it continues through the fall semester.

Course is open to all ESF upper division and graduate students. During the semester, we will continue to explore the state of the science and engineering of ecosystem restoration. We will examine prairie, forest, wetland, stream, lake, coral reef and urban ecosystems, among others. We will consider how stakeholders should be incorporated into restoring ecosystems, and how culture and government can help in developing a framework for sustainable ecosystem restoration projects.

Satisfies field requirement for EFB students. Trip is 11 days: August 14-24th, 2014

Course continues throughout the fall 2014 semester.

Questions? Please contact Stew Diemont, (315) 470-4707

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