e s f letters
e s f letters

Frequently Asked Questions

University Police Department

1. How do I get a job working for you?

Answer: Work Study/Temp Service

2. Becoming a University Police Officer:

Officer Qualifications

3. Can University Police let me into labs or other facilities after hours to work?

Answer: Yes, but only if you follow the rules! Come to our office and get a Building Admittance Authorization form. We'll explain how to get it filled out by the appropriate staff. Once that is done, bring the white copy to us and keep the pink. Present your copy along with your student ID to the officer when you need to be admitted to the room!

4. Can I leave my car on campus overnight if I need to?

Answer: If you must leave a vehicle on campus overnight because of a field trip, mechanical failure or other unusual circumstance, you must contact us and register your vehicle in our Overnight Vehicle Logbook. We will direct you where to park or provide you other information. Cars left overnight on campus without University Police Department permission are subject to ticketing and towing.