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Interesting speakers and other local events

Local Opportunities and Organizations
Women in Nature (Annual, local outdoorswoman workshop.  If you want to learn, this is a comfortable environment to get started. If you have skills to share, ask about teaching a session.)

SU ADVANCE.  SU is a recipient of a 5-yr, $3.4 million grant to improve recruitment, retention, and advancement of STEM women faculty at SU (website).  They also tweet announcements about their program, and developments at other universities (MIT, Brown, and others).

Women in Science and Engineering (lectures, mentor program at SU, but ESF students welcome.)
Women of the University Community (originally the "SU Women's Club," a social organization for faculty wives, expanded to include women grad students, staff, faculty at ESF, SU, and UMU.  This is a great resource for young families new to the Syracuse area.)
Women Transcending Boundaries (egalitarian exploration of spirituality).
Women Igniting the Spirit of Ent
repreneurship (SU Whitman School of Management Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship
Maxwell Women's Caucus (graduate student organization)
Women in Medicine (Upstate Medical University faculty)
Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (job assistance in Upstate New York for "trailing spouses/partners"

Fellowships specifically for women
Faculty for the Future (fellowships for doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows from developing economies.)
AAUW offers:

  • American Fellowships (post-doctoral, dissertation and short-term research publication grants)
  • Career Development Grants (to advance or change career or re-enter workforce)
  • Community Action Grants (1 and 2- year grants for innovative non-degree research projects that promote education and equity for women and girls),
  • International Fellowships (Master's/professional, doctoral and postdoctoral work within the US for non-citizens)
  • Selected Professions Fellowships (masters and professional awards for study of masters or professional degrees in architecture, computer/information sciences, engineering, and mathematics/statistics.  Doctoral students should apply for American or International fellowships instead.

How to:
New!  Blow the Whistle and still have a career afterward (scientific misconduct)
Handle illegal interview questions
Deal with Difficult People
Reduce stereotyping and unconscious bias in hiring (bibliography)
Host a Speaker
go Beyond gender and negotiations to gendered negotiations

Attend professional meetings successfully (great guide on creating posters and giving presentations.  The 'libary' also has guides on writing papers and grants, other useful tidbits for grad students)
Create a Family Friendly Department:  Chairs and Deans Toolkit PDF
Achieve gender equity in science classrooms--A guide for Faculty at Brown University PDF  HTML
Re-envision the PhD:  Promising Practices (cool initiatives at other institutions, in industry, governmental, and NGOs to help create better future faculty members)
Prepare for an academic career (job search tips, dual-career advice)
Find work-life balance (NYS employee site--get userid from your HR office)

More on Building Inclusive Classrooms and departments
National Center for Curriculum Transformation Resources on Women
Center for the Integration of Research Teaching and Learning Diversity Institute (inclusive teaching practices in science, technology, engineering and math)
Diverse:  Issues in Higher Education (online journal)
References Science and Engineering (this site is no longer maintained)
Annotated bibliographies on "gender, unconscious bias & stereotype threat," "research productivity," and "recruiting dual-career academic couples" (produced by Columbia University's ADVANCE program)
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)-Gender and Diversity site--searchable database
AFT Report:  Promoting Gender Diversity in the Faculty:  What Higher Education Unions Can Do
Women at Home in the Academy (feature story in AFT on Campus, Sept/Oct 2011 issue)

and sports programs:
Nike Athlete Campaign
Let Me Play
Women Win
Girls on the Run

For information about girls in science,
Visit the Take our Kids to Work Day page.

Family size in academia

Women's History -- Celebrate some should-be-famous women!
International Museum of Women -- global online exhibitions
National Women's History Project

4000 years of Women in Science
Women's History Quiz 1 (Fun Trivia)
Women's History Quiz 2 (
Women's History Quiz 3 (Sunshine for Women)
Women's History Quiz 4(Trivial Pursuit questions)
The Greatest Women in Science

Commentary on the Wage Gap

UUP Report

Mother Goose and Grimm





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