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Adaptive Peaks/WiSE Professions

Dr. Katharina Dittmar

Associate Professor, Evolutionary Parasitology, and Director, Graduate Program in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior (EEB), U Buffalo

Evolution and Ecology of Bat Parasites

Thursday, March 5, 2015, 4 pm, 5 Illick Hall

Sponsored by the Department of Environmental and Forest Biology and the ESF Women's Caucus

Dr. Dittmar is an evolutionary biologist who uses interdisciplinary approaches including molecular biological and bioinformatics methods with population genetics to answer questions related to understanding the genetic basis of adaptive evolution and the mechanisms by which new functionalities of genes evolve.   Her organismal expertise relates to blood-feeding arthropod vectors, specifically in the orders Diptera (flies) and Siphonaptera (fleas). She teaches courses on Evolutionary Genetics;  Medical Entomology and Parasitology; Microbial Genomics; and a Colloquium in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior (Grad), and Microbial Genomics.  She holds a DVM-PhD (Veterinary Medicine, Parisitology) from the University of Leipzig, and completed a postdoc in Ecology, Evolution, Systematics, and Population Biology at Bingham Young University. Adaptive Peaks Schedule and information.



C. Eugene Farnsworth Lecture & WiSE Professions Speakers

Ms. Katie Fernholz

Executive Director, Dovetail Partners

The Challenges and Opportunity of America's Forests

Thursday, March 26, 2 pm, Alumni Lounge, Marshall Hall

Sponsored by the Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management and the ESF Women's Caucus.

Kathryn (Katie) Fernholz has been a leader within the forestry community in the Upper Midwest through her service as Chair of the Minnesota Society of American Foresters and her appointment to the Minnesota Forest Resources Council. She is  a member of the Board of Directors of the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Alumni Society, and served as a member of the Advisory Board for the Blandin Foundation's Vital Forests/Vital Communities Initiative since 2004.



WiSE Professions Speakers/Hydrology & Biogeochemistry Seminar/Environmental Scholars

Dr. Kathy Licht

Associate Professor, Earth Sciences, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Antarctica's ice in Earth's climate system

Tuesday, March 31, 3:30 pm, Gateway Event Center

Sponsored by the Department of Environmental Resource Engineering, Environmental S[title]cholars Program, Graduate Student Association, and the ESF Women's Caucus.

Dr. Kathy Licht, Associate Professor of Earth Sciences, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), will discuss her work on the impact of the global climate systems in Antarctica, in this joint presentation.  Dr. Licht's research focuses on "understanding the history of the Antarctic ice sheet so we can better understand what causes it to advance and retreat and how that fits in with the global climate system."  Dr. Licht earned IUPUI's School of Science Research Award (2014).  She advises IUPUI's Geology Club and has served on the advisory board of the Women in Science House.  She holds a a BS, Natural Sciences, St. Norbert College, and a MS & PhD, Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder. 


All presentations are free and open to the public.  Parking is available in Syracuse University's Irving Avenue Parking garage (area map; close up).  The fee is $3.50 for the first hour, $2 for each additional.

Presented by SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
and The ESF Women’s Caucus

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