ESF College Expenses

Costs, fees, payment plans, etc.

Expenses at SUNY ESF are reasonable due to the fact that the College is state supported, with both tuition and fees kept as low as practicable. The student expenses listed below should be reviewed with full realization of changing costs. The College reserves the right to make changes in charges when such are deemed necessary. All College charges must be paid or deferred by Financial Aid by the start of each semester. Failure to satisfy all financial obligations will result in the withholding of grades, transcripts, and/or diplomas and can cause referral to the New York State Attorney General for collection.

Costs per Semester

Costs are subject to change.


Students may formally audit courses with permission of their major professors and the course instructors. Audited courses may not be used to satisfy any academic or graduation requirements. Formally audited courses will appear on the students' transcripts and will be graded either SAU (satisfactory audit) or UAU (unsatisfactory audit). The grade will be assigned based on a criteria for audit established by the course instructor. Registration guidelines for audited courses are the same as for courses taken for credit. It is SUNY ESF's policy to charge full tuition and fees for audited courses.

Deferment Policy

Deferment of semester charges will be granted only upon proof of financial aid. Unless payment arrangements have been made that satisfy the college policy, the student is subject to withdrawal from ESF.

Late Payment Fee for all Students

All students who have not paid their outstanding balance (i.e. by check, cash, payment plan, financial aid, or credit card) by close of business on the due date will be subject to a late payment fee. This fee is based on the following:

Debt Administrative or
Late Payment Fee
less than $1001 $30.00
$1001 to less than $2001 $40.00
$2001 and above $50.00

Monthly Payment Plans

In a continuing effort to assist the families of SUNY-ESF students, the Monthly Payment Plans (MPP) is offered as an alternative to standard payment arrangements. The MPP enables families to pay college-billed expenses in regular monthly payments. MPP allows parents to determine how much of their annual tuition and fees they may want to pay in equal monthly installments. This will afford families the ability to budget annual costs to best fit their individual needs. MPP provides all of the benefits of a monthly payment plan without charging interest. The only cost is a $45.00 annual or $25.00 for Summer ONLY for application fee to cover administrative expenses. There are two options to the MPP; Summer ONLY (3 payments), Fall/Spring (8 payments each). Questions may be directed to the Bursar's Office.

Preadmission Deposit
Accepted students must submit a deposit as outlined in their offer of admission to hold their place in the entering class. The Admissions office will be able to give the dollar amount of the deposit. This deposit is applied toward charges on the Bursar's bill for first semester of attendance. This deposit is refundable only by written request received at the ESF Admissions Office by May 1 for all summer/fall terms; by November 1 for winter/spring terms OR 30 days after acceptance, whichever is later.

College Withdrawal & Refund Policy

The refund schedules outlined below have been established by the State University Board of Trustees. Please see the College Catalog for complete information. In order to obtain a refund, however, the student must fill out the official withdrawal form and specifically request a refund.

Tuition Refund Schedule

The first day classes are offered, as scheduled by the College, shall be considered the first day of the semester/summer session. The first week of classes for purposes of refunds, shall be deemed to have ended when seven calendar days, including the first day of scheduled classes have elapsed.

Fall and Spring Semester Summer - 6 week course Summer - 12 week course  Maymester (2 weeks)
   Withdrawal Amount Withdrawal Amount Withdrawal Amount Withdrawal Amount
   During of Refund During of Refund During of Refund During of Refund
1st week 100% 1st week 100% 1st week 100% Days 1-2 100%
2nd week 70% 2nd week 30% 2nd week 60% Days 3-5 80%
3rd week 50% 3rd week 0% 3rd week 40% Days 6-10 0%
4th week 30% - - 4th week 0% - -
5th week 0% - - - - - -

E-Billing, Online Payments, and Refunds

Beginning with the Fall 2011 semester, SUNY ESF will no longer print and mail paper bills. Students have had access to our online bills for a few years but we continued to provide paper bills. This decision enables SUNY ESF to go green and save thousands of trees, while saving thousands of dollars in printing and postage expenses. E-Billing also alleviates risks associated with paper bills- identity theft, loss of mail and changes of address.

Financial Aid Refund and Repayment Policy

Refund Policy
The amount of refund a student is eligible to receive upon withdrawal from college is outlined in the section “College Refund Policy.” Students obtaining financial aid will not receive refunds until funds representing financial aid awards have been applied back to the respective accounts.

Repayment Policy
Students who withdraw from the college after receiving cash disbursements of Title IV financial aid to assist in paying their non-institutional costs may be required to repay all or a portion of the Title IV aid received.


NOTE: Tuition, fees and charges are subject to change by action of the University Board of Trustees.

Health Insurance Coverage for International Exchange, Research and Study Programs

The State University Board of Trustees has adopted a plan of health insurance coverage for all participants in SUNY programs of international exchange, research and study. This mandatory insurance policy pertains to students and scholars studying abroad and to foreign students attending SUNY colleges. For details, contact the Cashier in 102 Bray Hall.

Housing Costs

All entering Freshman at SUNY-ESF are required to reside on campus in the Centennial Hall for the first year of enrollment. Transfer students are not required to reside in college housing, but are encouraged to apply for housing, and housing will be assigned to transfer students at Centennial Hall's discretion if it is determine space is available.

Current costs are:

  • A-unit - $3950 per semester (academic year contract)
  • B-unit - $4450 per semester (academic year contract)
  • C-unit - $5650 per 6 months (12 month contract)
  • D-unit - $4850 per semester (academic year contract)
  • E-unit - $5650 per 6 months (12 month contract)

If a returning student resides in Syracuse University housing, please contact the SU Residence Life Office at 315-443-3637.

Meal Plan

Costs vary depending on the Meal Plan choice. These services are provided by Syracuse University. Please contact the Residence Life Office at 315-443-3637.

Trailhead Dollars

Fall 2015 sign-up opens July 5, 2015 and runs through September 11, 2015 at the MyESF Portal. Changes can be made in the first two weeks of the semester but no later than September 11, 2015.

Note: You will have two weeks from the start of the semester to add or change your meal plan. You may do so by logging onto After the first two weeks from the start of the semester only new or increased Trailhead plans can be made from MyESF. Student Fall Trailhead Dollars will carry over to the spring semester unless a new meal plan option is chosen. Trailhead Dollars will expire at the end of the academic year in Spring 2016.

Textbook Costs

Textbook costs depend on the requirements of the student's particular program and the availability of used books. In general, the range is between $500 and $700 per year for textbooks and supplies.

To view/purchase your textbooks, please visit, click on the "Books" button and follow the directions.

For More Information

If you would like additional information or an application, please contact our office at:

Billing Updates

Important Fall 2015 Billing Update

If you are attending SUNY-ESF in the Fall 2015 semester, please access your bill here. NOTE: Bills will be available July 15, 2015 & due by August 15, 2015. You can print additional information here:

Important Spring 2016 Billing Update

If you are attending SUNY-ESF in the Spring 2016 semester, please access your bill here. Bills will be available December 15, 2015 & due by January 15, 2016. You can print additional information here:

1098-T Information

Students can access their 1098-T forms online using ECSI's 1098-T Tax Website. School Code: SQ. There will not be a 1098-T for those who graduated or attended only in the Spring 2015 semester as those charges were billed in December 2014 and are reflected on the 2014- 1098T document. ESF follows SUNY policy by reporting when the charges are billed and not when they are paid.

Students can visit ECSI's website to retrieve their own log in information by clicking on “Need Help Logging In” on the log in page, or contacting ECSI directly for their PIN (1-866-428-1098 or

Accepted Undergraduate Student Information

Students who have a meal plan with Syracuse University housing will receive a separate bill directly from Syracuse University for those charges. Students must make payment arrangements with Syracuse University. Please contact the Bursar's Office at Syracuse University (102 Archbold North), 315-443-2444, for more information on their payment plans.

Students may use any money refunded from their financial aid, after payment of tuition, fees, Trailhead Dollars, and Centennial Hall dorm charges at ESF, toward their Syracuse University charges. Refund checks will be available on the first day of classes for the fall and spring semesters, and may be taken over to the Bursar’s Office at Syracuse University for payment. ESF does not send or transmit any funds to Syracuse University. If you opt in to have a direct deposit for refunds, all efforts will be made to disburse those funds before the 1st day of class.

Monthly payment plans are available for tuition, fees, Trailhead, and Centennial Hall Dorm rooming at ESF, and for tuition, fees, and room and board charges at ESF's Wanakena Campus. Contact the ESF Bursar's Office, 103 Bray Hall, 315-470-6652.


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