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Abrahamson, Lawrence, Senior Research Associate
PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1969.; Entomology, Pathology, Pesticides, Vegetation Management
126 Illick Hall470-6777/
Adams, Kim
Director, Tree Pest Information Service
125 Illick Hall470-6751/
Beier, Colin, Research Associate

PhD, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2007. ; Forest ecology and management, climate change, ecological economics, public policy
311 Bray
Castello, John, Professor and Associate Chair
PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1978.; Plant virology; viruses and mycoplasma in urban and forest tree decline; forest pathology; microbiology.
332 Illick
Clarke, AnnMarie
Secretary 1
241 Illick
Cohen, Jonathan, Assistant Professor
PhD, Virginia Tech, 2005.; Wildlife ecology and management, population and habitat ecology, threatened and endangered species.
246 Illick
Diemont, Stewart, Assistant Professor
B.S., University of Texas; Master's, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Ph.D., The Ohio State University.;
246 Illick Hall470-4707/
Dovciak, Martin, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Minnesota, 2001.; Plant Ecology; Forest Ecology; Biodiversity; Global Change Ecology; Spatial Ecology; Ecosystem Management & Restoration.
459 Illick Hall470-6749/
Ettinger, Terry
Greenhouse Manager
529 Illick Hall470-6772/
Farrell, John, Associate Professor
PhD, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, 1998.; Fisheries Science and Management, Aquatic Ecology, Wetlands Restoration, Invasive Species.
250 Illick Hall470-6990/
Farrell, Shannon
Assistant Professor
207 Illick Hall470-6739/
Fernando, Danilo, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Alberta, 1996.; Plant reproductive biology, plant structure and development, in vitro fertilization in conifers, pollen transformation, genomics and proteomics of pollen tube development, and willow flowering and genomics.
461 Illick
Fierke, Melissa, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Arkansas, 2006.; Forest entomology, forest ecology, invasive forest pests, insect-tree interactions.
135 Illick Hall470-6809/
Folta, Elizabeth, Assistant Professor
PhD, NC State University, 2010.; Natural History & Interpretation, informal biology education, environmental education.
356 Illick Hall470-4938/
Folta, Joseph
226 Illick
Frair, Jacqueline, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Alberta, 2005.; Wildlife and landscape ecology; animal movements and habitat use; predator-prey interactions.
257 Illick
Gibbs, James, Professor
PhD, Yale University, 1995.; Conservation biology, ecological monitoring, population genetics, applied demography, undergraduate conservation education.
405 Illick
Giegerich, Ronald
Instructional Support Specialist
215 Illick Hall470-6761/
Horton, Thomas, Associate Professor
PhD, University of California-Berkeley, 1997.; Mycorrhizal plant ecology, molecular ecology, mycology, fire ecology.
350 Illick
Kapuscinski, Kevin,
PhD, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, 2011.; Fish ecology, fisheries science and management, muskellunge, non-native fishes, Great Lakes connecting channels.
304 Illick Hall
Kimmerer, Robin, Distinguished Teaching Professor-10 Months
PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1983.; Ethnobotany, conservation biology and bryophyte ecology.
351 Illick Hall470-6785/
Leopold, Donald, Chair and Distinguished Teaching Professor
PhD, Purdue University, 1984.; Forest and freshwater wetland ecology, conservation, and restoration; peatland ecology and conservation; local and regional controls of species richness and rarity; dynamics of plant communities as affected by man and environment; management for unique communities and rare species; dendrology; native plants.
242 Illick
Limburg, Karin, Professor
PhD, Cornell University, 1994.; Fisheries ecology, ecosystem ecology, watershed ecology, fish migration, biogeochemical tracers, modeling, ecological economics.
249 Illick
Lomolino, Mark, Professor
PhD, SUNY Binghamton, 1983.; Biogeography; conservation biology; diversity in isolated ecosystems and habitat islands.
240 Illick
McGee, Gregory, Undergraduate Curriculum Director and Assistant Professor
PhD, SUNY-ESF, 1998.; Ecology, management and restoration of forest ecosystems; effects of atmospheric nitrogen deposition on northern hardwood forests.
146 Illick Hall470-6792/
McHale, Patrick
Instructional Support Specialist
203 Illick
McMaster, Bridget
Instructional Support Specialist
402 Illick
McNulty, Stacy, Research Associate
Associate Director, Adirondack Ecological Center
M.S., Environmental and Forest Biology, SUNY-ESF, 1997.; Forest ecology, landscape ecology, long-term monitoring, and applied Geographic Information Systems. Focused on exploring long-term changes, conservation of biodiversity, and impacts of recreation, development, and forest management in the Adirondack Mountains and Northern Forest.
Muller-Schwarze, Dietland
Professor Emeritus
224 Illick Hall470-6801/
Nakas, James, Professor Emeritus
PhD, Rutgers University, 1976.; Microbiology; transformation and decomposition processes; nutrient cycling; soil and aquatic microbiology; microbial biomass; solvent production; microbial ecology.
201 Illick
Newman, Lee, Associate Professor
PhD, Rutgers University and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, 1993.; Phytoremediation and molecular and cellular biology.
246 Illick
Parry, Dylan, Associate Professor
PhD, Michigan State University, 2000.; Population dynamics and evolutionary ecology of defoliating Lepidoptera and their natural enemies (predators, parasitoids, and pathogens), invasive species in forested environments, insect-plant interactions, and conservation of moths and butterflies.
109 Illick Hall470-6753/
Paterson, Gordon, Assistant Professor
PhD University of Windsor 2006; Environmental and aquatic toxicology, ecotoxicology, emerging pollutants, food web bioaccumulation and biomagnification, persistent organic pollutants as indicators of species bioenergetics and individual, food web and ecological efficiencies.
110 Illick Hall470-6942/
Polimino, Sandra
Secretary 1
242 Illick
Powell, William, Professor
PhD, Utah State University, 1986.; Forest biotechnology, molecular plant-microbe interactions, plant genetic engineering, antimicrobial peptide design, and plant gene design. Please visit my faculty home page for more information
319 Illick Hall470-6761/
Rappleyea, Joanne
241 Illick
Ringler, Neil, Vice Provost of Research and Director of McIntire-Stennis Forestry Research
PhD, University of Michigan, 1975.; Fish ecology, foraging behavior of fishes; salmon reproduction; vertebrate anatomy; aquatic insect ecology; stream ecology and management.
200 Bray
Rundell, Rebecca, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Chicago, 2008; Evolutionary biology, conservation biology, speciation, adaptive and nonadaptive radiations, biogeography, phylogenetics, systematics, Pacific island radiations and biodiversity conservation, land snails, marine/aquatic microscopic invertebrates
355 Illick Hall470-6619/
Ryan, Sadie, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of California at Berkeley, 2006.; Disease and landscape ecology, wildlife conservation biology, public health, climate change.
246 Illick
Schulz, Kimberly, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Michigan, 1996.; Nutrient and exotic species effects on aquatic ecosystems; ecological stoichiometry; aquatic community and ecosystem ecology; bioenergetics; nutrient cycling; lower food web studies; Great Lakes; Finger Lakes.
456 Illick Hall470-6808/
Shields, William, Professor
PhD, Ohio State University, 1979.; Animal behavior; evolution and genetics; evolution of animal communication and dispersal systems; effects of genetic constraints on the evolution of social behavior; sociobiology and behavioral ecology, the use of DNA in identity testing and conservation biology, the interface between science and the law.
116 Illick Hall470-6771/
Stella, John, Associate Professor

PhD, University of California-Berkeley, 2005; Riparian and Stream Ecology, Water Resource and Watershed Management, River Restoration
344 Illick Hall470-4902/
Stewart, Donald, Professor
PhD, University of Wisconsin 1980.; Fish ecology and fisheries management; ecological energetics; modeling predation and production processes; Great Lakes ecosystems; Amazonian ecosystems; ecology and systematics of Neotropical freshwater fishes
103 Illick
Teale, Stephen, Professor
PhD, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, 1990; Forest entomology; chemical ecology; pheromones of forest insects; evolution of pheromone communication.
151 Illick
Turner, J. Scott, Professor
PhD, Colorado State University, 1982.; Animal physiology; physiological ecology; thermal energetics; biology of body size; physiology of gas exchange.
206 Illick Hall470-6806/
Underwood, Brian, Adjunct Associate Professor
PhD, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, 1990; Applied population analysis; life-history evolution; trophic dynamics; quantitative ecology and biostatistics; modeling and simulation; large mammal management.
426 Illick Hall470-6820/
Vidon, Philippe, Associate Professor
PhD, York University, Ontario, Canada, 2004.; Hydrology, Biogeochemistry
309 Bray Hall470-4765/
Wang, Chun
Professor Emeritus
428 Illick Hall470-6911/
Weir, Alexander, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1997; Systematics and evolutionary biology of fungi using classical and modern molecular approaches; fungal biodiversity and conservation; fungal-arthropod interactions; biology of parasites and symbionts.
353 Illick
Whipps, Christopher, Associate Professor
PhD, Oregon State University, 2004.; Evolution and biology of disease causing organisms in animal populations using molecular systematics. Diagnosis, epidemiology and control of pathogens of ecological and veterinary importance.
246 Illick Hall470-4762/

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