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With core strengths across the social sciences and in the humanities, Departmental faculty members support graduate and undergraduate programs in Environmental Studies, and ESF's Writing Program. We participate in a variety of college-wide programs, including the Graduate Program in Environmental Science, the Environmental and Natural Resource Policy doctoral program, the Minor in Urban Environmental Science, the Minor in Environmental Writing and Rhetoric, ESF's First Year Student Experience, and the ESF in the High School program.

Faculty and Staff Office Contact
(315 Area code)
Collins, Mary, Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, University Of California-Santa Barbar, 2012; socio-environmental systems; environmental health inequality; environmental justice; environmental sociology; environmental risk perception; quantitative methods; Bayesian modeling; disproportionality; industrial pollution policy and health
106 Marshall
Hart, Rebecca
Secretary 1
107 Marshall
Hirsch, Paul, Assistant Professor
MS, University Of Georgia, 2003; PhD, Georgia Institute Of Technology-Main , 2008; integrative thinking and problem-solving, water planning, biodiversity conservation, science-policy interface, environmental thought and ethics, policy analysis, public participation and decision-making, environmental valuation, complexity, participant-observation and survey methods, discourse analysis, environmental policy, climate governance, policy science divide
107 Marshall
Lichtenstein, Mark, Chief of Staff and Executive Director of Sustainability
MA, Syracuse University, 2005;
203 Bray
Luzadis, Valerie, Interim Provost and Exec Vice President for Academic Affairs
MS, Cornell University, 1990; PhD, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, 1997; ecological economics, ecosystem services, policy, social and recreational dimensions, forest management for renewable energy, watershed management, natural resources policy and values, sustainable development, renewable energy, participatory decision-making
106 Marshall
Manno, Jack, Associate Professor
MS, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, 1992; PhD, Syracuse University, 2003; Inclusion and collaboration in environmental decisions, Indigenous rights and values, social theory, economic dynamics of sustainability and un-sustainability, politics of ending fossil fuel dependence
211A Marshall
Moran, Sharon, Associate Professor
MS, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, 1989; PhD, Clark University, 2000; environmental policy, human dimensions of water/wastewater issues, political ecology, environment-society relations, green and innovative technologies, environmental issues in post-communist countries, qualitative research methods, gender and nature, sustainability indicators, emergent technologies, environmental justice, ethical frameworks in public policy
220 Marshall
Nordenstam, Brenda, Associate Professor
MS, California State University-Long Beach, 1985; PhD, University Of California-Irvine, 1993; risk perception, communication, and assessment of environmental and public health hazards, valuation and management of environmental risk, social survey design, analysis, and policy applications, environmental justice, equity, and policy
108A Marshall
Feldpausch-Parker, Andrea M., Assistant Professor
MS, Texas A&M University, 2006; PhD, Texas A&M University, 2010; environmental communication; science and technology communication; wildlife conservation and policy; climate change mitigation and adaptation discourse and decision-making; environmental advocacy; environmental and natural resources conflict management; qualitative and critical methods; program evaluation methods; conflict; public participation; energy;wildlife management
107 Marshall
Selfa, Theresa, Associate Professor
PhD, Cornell University, 2001; environmental sociology, rural sociology, sociology of agriculture, sociology of development, political sociology, qualitative methods, comparative-historical methods, biofuels, land use planning, water policy and politics
219 Marshall
Senecah, Susan, Visiting Professor
MA, University Of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 1987; PhD, University Of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 1992;
109 Marshall
Smardon, Richard, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus
MLA, University Of Massachusetts-Amherst, 1973; wetland assessment and management, landscape management policy, public participation and decision-making, sustainable development, eco-tourism, biosphere reserve management
211B Marshall
Sonnenfeld, David, Professor
MA, University Of California-Santa Cruz, 1991; PhD, University Of California-Santa Cruz, 1996; sociology of environment and natural resources; comparative environmental policy, politics and governance; globalization, development and sustainability; social studies of science and technology; East and Southeast Asia; field, historical and mixed research methods
211B Marshall
Vidon, Elizabeth,
environmental ethics and values; environmental thought and ontologies; tourism geographies; political ecology; wilderness and environmental perception; Native American and indigenous peoples' environmental issues; epistemology/nature of knowledge(s).
107 Marshall
Whitmore, Benette, Interim Chair, Environmental Studies and Assistant Professor
MA, Syracuse University, 1980; PhD, Syracuse University, 2011;
105 Moon

Writing Program

Faculty and Staff Office Contact
(315 Area code)
Courtwright, Carol, Visiting Instructor 10 Month
MS, Syracuse University, 1973
105 Moon
Deater, Tiffany
105 Moon
DeBaise, Janine, Instructor
MA, Syracuse University, 1985
105 Moon
Dodson, Khristopher
Visiting Instructor 10 Month
Envir Moon
Fitzsimmons, Maureen, Visiting Instructor 10 Month
MS, Syracuse University, 1990
105 Moon
Hogan, Elizabeth, Visiting Instructor 10 Month
MFA, The University Of Alabama, 2004
105B Moon
Jager, Dawnelle, Instructor
MA, Syracuse University, 1989
105D Moon
Lawler, Patrick
Professor Emeritus
B4 Marshall
McGrath, Thomas, Visiting Instructor 10 Month
MA, Syracuse University, 2011
105A Moon
Patulski, Maryanne
ESOL Writing Instructor
Simmons, Jeffrey
Visiting Instructor 10 Month
Envir Marshall
Stavenhagen, Werner, Interim Director, Writing Program and Lecturer
MA, La Sierra University, 1997
107 Marshall
Wagner, Donald
Visiting Instructor 10 Month
9 Moon
Whitmore, Benette, Interim Chair, Environmental Studies and Assistant Professor
MA, Syracuse University, 1980; PhD, Syracuse University, 2011
105 Moon
Woltman, Susan
Visiting Instructor 10 Month
107 Marshall

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty members contribute to the Department of Environmental Studies, ESF, and the world at large by engaging in research, participating in graduate committees, teaching occasional courses, supervising student internships, and more.

  • Scott Blair (Academic Coordinator), SUNY ESF, Academic Support Services, Syracuse, NY
  • Steven R. Brechin (Environmental, Organizational and Political Sociology), Syracuse University
  • Betty Faust (Human Ecology, Ethnoecology), CINVESTAV Mexico
  • Rhea Jezer (Energy, Environmental Policy), Environmental Consultant
  • Dianne Quigley (Ethiics Research), Northeast Ethics Education Partnership (NEEP), Brown University, RI
  • Todd Moss (Sustainable Entrepreneurship) Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
  • Samuel H. Sage (Green Jobs, Economic Development), Atlantic States Legal Foundation
  • Lisa Warnecke GEOManagement Associates Inc., Syracuse, NY

Visiting Faculty

Professor Emeritus

  • John Felleman
    Environmental information policy; visualizing environmental processes; environmental decision making.
  • Myrna Hall
    • Integrating simulation modeling and GIS for studying the interaction of humans and their environment
    • Natural resources management
    • Issues of sustainable development
    • Graphic information visualization
    • Foreign language communication
  • Patrick Lawler
    Environmental Studies; Graduate Program in Environmental Science
  • Susan Senecah


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