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BoyerGreg Boyer

Director, Great Lakes Research Consortium

Professor of Biochemistry

Office: 320 Jahn Lab
Department of Chemistry
Phone: (315) 470-6825
Fax: (315) 470-6970
Email: glboyer@esf.edu

Greg Boyer assumed the director of the GLRC in 2007. His research interest include monitoring systems for cyano-bacteria and harmful algal blooms in the lower Great Lakes and other inland waters.

David G. White


David G. White

Associate Director, Great Lakes Research Consortium

Office: SUNY College at Oswego
Phone: (315) 312-3042
Email: dgw9@cornell.edu

David White is New York Sea Grant's Recreational Specialist. He joined the GLRC team in 2012 to help facilitate interactions amongst our member campuses.



Michael Satchwell

Research Support Specialist, Great Lakes Research Consortium

Office: 252 Baker Lab
Phone: (315) 470-4864
Fax: (315) 470-6970
Email: mfsatchw@syr.edu




Theresa Baker

Assistant to the Director, Great Lakes Research Consortium

Office: 253 Baker Lab
Phone: (315) 470-6720
Fax: (315) 470-6970
Email: glrc@esf.edu




The Great Lakes Research Consortium offices are housed at the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Those interested in more information can contact:

Great Lakes Research Consortium
1 Forestry Drive
SUNY-ESF, 253 Baker Lab
Syracuse, NY 13210
phone: 315-470-6720
fax: 315-470-6970