Health Care and Insurance: Requirements and Options

ESF has a new practice for the way students receive health services. Please read the information and complete the required tasks below.

Next Important Deadline: TBA

Two Required Tasks:

1) Submit Student Health Form

New full-time first-year, transfer, graduate, and international students must submit the form, which gathers essential medical contact and immunization information.

This form for this submission period is due TBA (deadline for new students only).

Division of Student Affairs
1 Forestry Drive
110 Bray Hall
Syracuse, NY 13210
FAX: 315-470-4728

If the form has not been received yet, a hold will be placed on your record and you risk having classes cancelled. It is New York State law that we collect this information.

2) Choose Health Insurance

Full-time, non-international ESF students must choose one of the following insurance options (this step does not apply to international students):

  • Waive ESF health insurance and input your current health insurance policy number
  • OR           
  • Purchase the ESF student health insurance plan

Students not currently insured are required to purchase the ESF sudent health insurance plan. If you are already insured, you do not need to purchase the ESF plan, but you do need to waive out of the ESF student health insurace plan on or before the deadline: TBA (deadline for new students only).

Explanation of Health Insurance Options

All full-time ESF students must have health insurance.

Your insurance choice is not related to your choice of health care provider, but not all providers accept all forms of insurance. CMP accepts the ESF student health insurance plan.

ESF Insurance Option

ESF students who are not covered by a family or individual health insurance policy will be required to purchase coverage through the ESF student health insurance plan through our insurance broker, Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. Crouse Medical Practice (CMP) accepts this plan.

Private Insurance Option

Students covered under an existing family or individual health insurance plan may avoid costs associated with automatic enrollment in the ESF student helath insurance plan by providing their current health insurance policy information. Instructions for providing this information were emailed to all ESF students in July. The final deadline for the current choice/waiver period is TBA (deadline for new students only).

International Students

International students are mandated by SUNY to purchase the SUNY international student health insurance plan. This plan differs from the general ESF student health insurance plan. International students do not need to purchase both and do not need to waive out of the general plan. Contact Tom Carter, Coordinator of International Education, 110 Bray Hall, 315-470-6691,

New Locations for Services/Providers

ESF students no longer receive services from the Syracuse University (SU) Counseling Center or SU Health Center. No other Syracuse University-based services are affected. ESF students may continue to access the SU Office of Disability Services and others, and may continue to take SU classes, join SU clubs and organizations, and use SU recreational facilities.

Health Services/Providers

Crouse Medical Practice (CMP) is ESF's preferred health care provider. ESF and CMP have a health care and pharmacy services agreement. CMP accepts the ESF student health insurance plan.

You are not required to use CMP. You may opt for a different provider (there are several within walking distance of campus).

ESF Counseling Services

ESF now provides mental health counseling on campus in the Counseling Services Office, located in 105 Bray Hall, next to the Division of Student Affairs offices.

  • Ruth A. Larson, Director of Counseling Services
  • Roger D. Howard, Staff Therapist


If you need additional information...

  1. Check for current health and counseling information. It will be updated regularly.
  2. Contact the Division of Student Affairs, 315-470-6660,
  3. Read the Changes to Health and Counseling Services FAQ.



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