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Inclusion | Diversity | Equity

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity at ESF

Institutional Statement on Diversity

Diversity is a source of strength, creativity and innovation for ESF. We value the contributions of each person and respect the profound ways their identity, culture, background, experience, status, abilities and opinions enrich the college community. We commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, outreach and diversity as inextricably linked goals.

Statement used with permission: UW-Madison

ESF fulfills its public mission by creating a welcoming and inclusive community for people from every background — people who as students, faculty and staff serve the local community and the world.

ESF Strategic Plan

SUNY Strategic Plan

"At SUNY, we recognize our diversity makes us stronger and smarter. We respect, encourage, and promote all aspects of human difference. Diversity enriches lives and the educational experience. By capitalizing on diversity, our SUNY campuses invigorate conversations, awaken curiosity, foster civic engagement, and widen perspectives.Beyond being a pathway to culturally competent employment, SUNY campuses are also the training grounds for many future corporate and community leaders. As the Supreme Court recognized, the path to leadership should be visibly open to talented and qualified individuals of every race and ethnicity in order to cultivate a set of leaders with legitimacy in the eyes of the citizenry. The SUNY student body is sewn from the threads of our nation's diverse quilt, where the views of all students across the educational spectrum are sought out and given voice."

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