e s f letters
e s f letters
design poster, hudson shore

Bachelor of
Landscape Architecture

BLA Studio Work

First Year Studios

Drawing a plan

LSA 183 Drawing Studio (3)
This drawing course introduces the students to materials, techniques and components of drawing, architectural elements and figure drawing. Fall and Spring.

Second Year Studios

a sketch

LSA 226 Foundation Design Studio I (4)
Focuses on skills and knowledge necessary to visualize and communicate 2-D and 3-D design ideas using appropriate traditional or digital graphic tools, techniques and technology. An emphasis is placed on the development of a working graphic and spatial design vocabulary and an introduction and application of fundamental design principles and the design process.

Plans for a building

LSA 227 Foundation Design Studio II (4)
Content focuses on the expansion of skills and knowledge necessary to visualize and communicate 2-D and 3-D design ideas. An emphasis is placed on the development of a working understanding of the design process and its application toward the synthesis of design form in the landscape.

Third Year Studios

LSA 326 Landscape Architectural Design Studio I (5)
This course will instruct those enrolled in the processes of measuring various physical qualities of a site or landscape, and then how to apply knowledge of ecology, natural processes, and human behavior and culture to assess the viability of potential design uses and forms. The material addressed will include land measurement and measurement systems, physiography and landform, soils, hydrology, climate, and plant, animal and human ecology. A variety of manual and computer techniques for data collection, analysis and synthesis of natural and cultural systems information will be explored. The course will concentrate on the comparison of synthesis techniques and their use in land use and site design decision-making. Occasional local field trips will be utilized. Fall.

a city block

LSA 327 Landscape Architectural Design Studio II (5)
This course addresses intermediate to advanced level site design, including skill development, theory and strategies as they relate to design issues and process. Emphasis is placed on in-depth investigation of concept and form expression in small-scale site design. Focus is on the form implications of applying specific materials, plantings and structural systems through design development and detailing.

Fourth Year Studios

students looking at plans

LSA 422 Landscape Architectural Design Studio III (5)
This course introduces and applies concepts in urban and regional planning, environmental planning, and landscape ecology, in the context of large-scale landscape architectural, community, and urban design. Emphasis will be placed upon the application of appropriate technologies and strategies to foster environmentally and economically sustainable community forms, as well as greater environmental and social equity. Occasional field trips to illustrate various design solutions.

ESF Quad Green Infrasturcture

LSA 423 Landscape Architectural Design Studio IV (5)
Seven hours of studio and one hour of lecture per week. LSA 423 addresses the final refining stages of small-scale site design, design detailing, precise layout and grading, selection of individual plant specimens and other materials, and the production of "working drawings" or contract documentation. Projects will include development of a complete set of working "contract documents," including layout plans, grading plans, planting plans and design details and specification. Occasional field trips to illustrate various design solutions.

Fifth Year Thematic Studios


LSA 470 Thematic Landscape Design Studio
Eight and one-half hours of studio and one hour of lecture per week. Studio time devoted to demonstrations, exercises and projects. Content focuses on different themes, topics, and scales each year, traditionally addressing sub-disciplines in landscape architecture such as urban design, community design and planning, ecological design and restoration and cultural landscape preservation. Spring.