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The ESF Office of Student Affairs is guided by the College’s strategic goal of providing an outstanding student experience. The creative and dedicated team of professionals in Student Affairs will work to achieve this goal by creating opportunities for personal and leadership development, through community-focused learning experiences, and by offering services to promote academic and career success.

Our Mission:

Student Affairs at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry advances individual student learning, well-being, and success by intentionally designing involvement and engagement opportunities to promote contributions to the College community and greater society.

Our Vision:

A community of learners committed to academic success, personal growth, and campus and community engagement guided by a particular emphasis on the development of leadership and sustainability.

Our Aspirations for Student Learning:*

  • ESF students will be committed to leading lives of intellectual curiosity and development, embracing a life-long dedication to learning
  • ESF students will accept responsibility for their own learning and development to realize their educational, career, and personal objectives
  • ESF students will form affirmative values consistent with the ideals of ethical citizenship and will develop the self-awareness to integrate these values into their decision-making
  • ESF students will understand their interdependence within a global society by valuing a diversity of people and ideas
  • ESF students will engage in leadership opportunities that promote personal and interpersonal development

Our Motto:

Explore | Engage | Excel

Guiding Values:

  • Mutually beneficial collaboration with partners across campus and in the greater community
  • Respect for and understanding of the importance of diversity in thought and culture
  • Modeling the beliefs and behaviors we espouse
  • Ethical and informed decision-making
  • Intentional stewardship of our resources
  • Life-long learning that promotes personal and professional growth

*Inspired by the Virginia Tech Division of Student Affairs Mission Statement

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