e s f letters
e s f letters

ESF Student Handbook

Office of the Dean for Student Affairs

  • Printable Student Handbook (PDF)

    The ESF Student Handbook is the official guidebook to your experience at ESF. ESF traditions, services, resources, and many ESF policies are explained in this Handbook. You may navigate the PDF above by clicking the section you wish to go in the Table of Contents.


  • Title IX, Non-Discrimination Policy
  • This is an official guidebook for ESF students and outlines many of ESF’s policies and services.


    • About Student Affairs at SUNY-ESF
    • Crisis Help
    • Campus Information
      • Historical Overview
      • Traditions
      • ESF Campuses
      • Partnership with Syracuse University
      • Involvement at ESF
      • Campus Offices and Student Services
    • Campus Policies and Regulations
    • Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order
    • Student Policies and Regulations
      • Student Rights and Responsibilities
      • Other Information
    • Campus Safety and Security
    • Appendix A: Sexual Violence Information
    • Appendix B: Alcohol and Drug Amnestry Policy
    • Appendix C: Academic Success and Integrity Information