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SUNY-ESF Student and Academic Integrity Handbooks

Office of the Dean for Student Affairs

ESF Student Handbook

  • Printable Student Handbook (PDF)
  • Title IX, Non-Discrimination Policy
  • This document serves as an official guidebook for ESF students. It outlines many of ESF’s policies and services:


    • About Student Affairs at SUNY-ESF
    • Crisis Help
    • Campus Information
      • Historical Overview
      • ESF Campuses
      • Partnership with Syracuse University
      • Involvement at ESF
      • Campus Offices and Student Services
    • Campus Policies and Regulations
    • Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order
    • Student Policies and Regulations
      • Student Rights and Responsibilities
      • The Student Conduct Process
      • Other Information
      • Disability Accommodations
      • Student Support
      • Parent/Guardian Notification
      • Disciplinary Records
      • Financial Responsibility
    • Campus Safety and Security
      • Emergency Notifications
      • ESF University Police
    • Appendix A: Sexual Violence Information
    • Appendix B: Alcohol and Drug Amnestry Policy

    Academic Integrity at ESF

    This handbook outlines the rights, responsibilities, and consequences for academic dishonesty at ESF:


    • Student Rights and Responsibilities
      • Student rights
      • Student responsibilities
    • Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
      • Faculty rights
      • Faculty responsibilities
    • Doing Honest and Original Work
      • What is original work
      • Violations of Academic Integrity (examples)
        • Plagiarism
        • Inappropriate collaboration
        • Cheating
        • Facilitating academic dishonesty
      • Avoiding Academic Dishonesty
        • Citing sources
        • Quoting and paraphrasing
        • Common knowledge
        • Collaboration
    • Academic Integrity Violations
      • Process
      • Consequences
    • Achieving Academic Success
      • Good work habits and skills
      • ESF Academic Success Center and additional resources