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Tutoring is one of the many academic support programs available at ESF. Through the program, the service of a qualified undergraduate or graduate tutor may be available to any ESF undergraduate student who feels a need for academic support in meeting the demands of ESF courses in which he/she is currently enrolled.

Our focus is mainly on lower division, undergraduate courses. Requests for tutoring in specialized courses will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Two Types of Assistance

  • Individual/small-group tutoring—In individual/small-group tutoring, up to five students meet with a tutor for a two-hour block of time each week to go over course material. These sessions can help students gain self-confidence and become independent learners, as well as grasp specific subject matter.
  • Large-group tutoring—Large-group tutoring is offered in Biology (fall/spring), General Chemistry (fall/spring), Calculus (fall/spring), and Organic Chemistry. In large group tutoring, a tutor is available on a weekday night for two hours and students may drop in to get assistance. These sessions allow participants to receive immediate help with an assignment, clarification of lecture materials, or to ask a quick question.

If you are interested in receiving ESL assistance in Academic Writing, please contact Professor Maria Hosmer-Briggs at

Want to Become a Tutor?

Tutor Training

All tutors are required to participate in a Tutor Training session to review necessary paperwork before becoming a tutor. Additionally, during the academic year, the Center provides a variety of Tutor Training Workshops to assist in your development as a tutor. Workshop topics include: Introduction to Tutoring, Leadership & Tutoring, and Building Trust. A complete list of dates & times for these workshops are available at the Academic Success Center.

(Prospective tutors must have received a B or better in desired courses)

Tutor Training Dates

  • Next sessions TBA

Tutor Awards

Tutor of the Semester Award

Each semester, the Academic Success Center recognizes tutors who are nominated by their fellow Peer Tutors and tutees for their outstanding service and dedication to the position.

Recent Award Winners
  • Spring 2015: Brian Walsh, Kate McGowan, and Matthew Serrao
  • Fall 2014: Alison Houseman, Ben Butryn, Daryl Harper and Phil Wood
  • Spring 2014: Josh Harris, Phil Wood and Alison Houseman
  • Spring 2013: Maureen Bishop, Autumn Elniski, and Amber Unruh
  • Fall 2012: Alexandra Williams, Derry Albert, Drew Gamils, Nathan Sleight and Phil Patton
  • Spring 2012: Robert Miller, Jason Kucharski, Alexandra Williams, and Justin Beckman
  • Fall 2011: Tinna Chan, Emilie Rigbie and Harold Nugent.
  • Spring 2011: Shannon Carpenter, Matt Cripps, James Johnson and Rachele Brown.
  • Fall 2010: Shannon Carpenter, Robbie McDonald, Mackenzie Waro, Matt Cripps, Martin Holdrege and Amy Chianucci.
  • Spring 2010: Shannon Carpenter, Rachael Weiter, Katherine McKissick, and David Scott.
  • Fall 2009: Eugene Law, James Johnson, Jennifer Ma, Chelsae Radell, Shannon Carpenter, Robbie McDonald.

Clemons Tutor Service Award

Each spring semester, the Academic Success Center recognizes a member of the ESF student body who provides exemplary service to the Center and the Peer Tutoring program. May 2015 year was the first year of the award as it was named in honor of Brooke Clemons, graduating senior '15, for her time and service to the Center. She was honored as the award's inaugural honoree as well.

For more information about ESF's Tutoring Services, please stop by the Academic Success Center office in 109A Moon.

Tutoring Links

Academic Success Center

Centennial Hall B014 or Bray Hall 110
(315) 470-4909

Academic Success and Community Service Coordinator

Amelia Hoffman
Bray Hall 110


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