FOR 473 class at Baltimore Woods

Dr. Diane Kuehn

310A Bray Hall

1 Forestry Drive


Phone: 315-470-6561


FOR 476/676 class in Hancock, NY


Classes Taught

Fall Semester

Ecotourism and Nature Tourism (FOR 476/676) is a service learning class offered every fall at ESF. Service learning courses engage students in providing real-life community services. During the fall 2014 semester, we will be working on a recreation plan for a property in the Adirondacks owned by SUNY ESF.

Some of our class’s past projects have included:


Recreation Behavior and Management (FOR 475) is an undergraduate level, 3-credit course that focuses on human behavior in natural environments.


Spring Semester

Environmental Career Strategies for Women (FOR 496-10 and 797-02) is a graduate/undergraduate, 1-credit seminar that provides a forum for male and female students to interact and discuss gender issues pertaining to academia and other professional areas.

Fundamentals of Outdoor Recreation (FOR 372) is an undergraduate level, 3-credit course that focuses on the basic history and concepts related to outdoor recreation.



Graduate Student Capstone Projects:

Lombardi, T. (2018). Distribution, Characteristics and Management of Tamarisk at Pomac Forest Historic Sanctuary, Peru. MPS Capstone Report: SUNY ESF.

Pelosi, C. (2013). An Evaluation of Incorporating Recreation Opportunities in Industrial Environmental Remediation Projects. MPS Capstone Report: SUNY ESF.



Other presentations and reports:

Research reports


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