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Exchange Program Application Reference

A student has listed you as a reference for their application as an exchange student to study abroad at SUNY ESF. Please complete the reference form below on the student's behalf.

If you would prefer to write a letter of recommendation rather than completing this online form, please email the signed letter (on letterhead) directly to the ESF Coordinator of Education Abroad at

The student is applying to participate in the SUNY ESF Exchange Program. We would appreciate your assessment of the applicant's attributes with which you are familiar. You may also attach a letter of recommendation.

Academic Attributes
Competence in major or specialization

Academic interest and motivation

Capacity for independent study




Non-Academic Attributes
Level of maturity

Ability to adapt to new or unstructured circumstances

Self-confidence and self-esteem

Ability to relate well to others

Emotional stability



Please state frankly your opinion of this candidates' ability to suitably represent both their home campus and country in an exchange program in the U.S., weighing both strong and weak points. You may also add or attach a letter of recommendation.