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ESF Campuses

ESF Regional Campuses

ESF manages eight regional properties, located in three distinct ecological sub-regions, giving students, faculty, and researchers access to unparalleled learning and research opportunities. The size, scope, and ecological diversity of ESF's regional properties make it unique among institutions of higher education. The properties serve as an outdoor classroom and laboratory for teaching, demonstration, and research by faculty, students, and staff at SUNY ESF. Together, these lands constitute one of the largest college campuses in the world. 

Use of Regional Campuses

ESF welcomes students, faculty, staff, and researchers to use the forests and field stations for teaching, research, and other related activities. Non-ESF affiliated users may request use of the forests or field stations if the request does not interfere with ESF-related activities. Non-ESF users may be required to obtain a temporary revocable permit and provide proof of insurance.

ESF Users

For ESF faculty, students, or staff. Use this form to request use of the properties for

  • Teaching (classes or field labs)
  • Research Projects (including independent studies and capstone projects)
  • Club sponsored events
  • Department meetings

ESF User Request Form

Non-ESF Users

For non-ESF affiliated users or events. Use this form to request the use of the properties for

  • K-12 Field Trips
  • Research Projects
  • Training events
  • Company retreats

Non-ESF User Request Form

Researchers whose research project has already been approved by the Director of Forest Properties should submit this form with the details about your research project.

Research Use Request Form