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ESF in the High School

The Center

The ESF in the High School program is focused on developing students and citizens. Environmental problems make headlines every day and the ability to understand these complex scientific and social issues is paramount to being informed and educated. Every day we are called upon to help shape our environmental future, either through our work and personal decisions or as participants in a democracy. The Center helps prepare students to be leaders in the stewardship of both our natural and designed environments.

To meet those aims, we look to form partnerships with other colleges, businesses and educational providers, along with school districts, to create programs that support high school teachers and students.

The Center focuses on programs in the STEM fields that are in line with the educational and research activities at SUNY ESF. Particular emphasis is on underserved schools and student groups. These groups include rural and urban areas, women and ethnic minorities.

Professional development and faculty mentoring opportunities for teachers are available throughout the year.

Contact: ESF in the High School, Maura H. Stefl, Administrative Assistant,

Board Members

  • Dr. Neal Abrams, Associate Professor, ESF
  • Dr. Steve Balogh, Post Doc, EPA
  • Heidi Busa, Science Teacher, Marcellus High School
  • Emanuel Carter, Associate Professor, ESF
  • Lindsay Cray, Executive Director, Earthworks Institute
  • Dr. Klaus Doelle, Associate Professor, ESF
  • Dr. Melissa Fierke, Professor, ESF
  • Maura Harling Stefl, Administrative Assistant, ESF
  • Elizabeth "Betsy" Hogan, Visiting Instructor, ESF
  • Dr. Rafaat Hussein, Associate Professor, ESF
  • Christina "Tina" Limpert, Associate Professor, ESF
  • Robert "Bob" Malmsheimer, JD, Professor, ESF
  • Dr. Gregory "Greg" McGee, Associate Professor, ESF
  • Ann Moore, Senior Staff Assistant, ESF
  • Brandon Murphy, Training Program Coordinator, ESF
  • Jacob "Jake" O'Connell, Program Coordinator, ESF and ESFHS Alumnus
  • Neil Patterson, Assistant Director Center for Native Peoples and the Environment
  • Jane Verostek, Associate Librarian, ESF
  • Dr. Christopher "Chris" Whipps, Professor, ESF
  • Dr. Bennette Whitmore, Assistant Professor

E S F in the high school

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