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Northern Forest Institute
Marianne Patinelli-Dubay, Ph.D.

Cultivating Our Conservation Ethic

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  • FOR 421: Practical Ethics for Resource Managers (3CR) Introduction to the history and practical function of ethics in the context of resource management professions, with a special emphasis on forestry. Particular attention will be paid to establishing an ethically sound position, aligning competing values and priorities among interested parties and effectively communicating management decisions. Required for graduating seniors in FRM offered Fall, Spring and Summer terms.
  • Practical Ethics for Forestry Professionals (4 Cat 1-CF credits) Developed with support from the NYS-DEC, this workshop teaches professional foresters and land management personnel to use a variety of ethical methods and techniques in order to reach group consensus on real and complex fieldwork situations.


  • Society of American Foresters, National Ethics Committee Member
  • Society of American Foresters, New York State Chapter Chair- Elect

Professional Affiliations