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Short Courses

EFB 484/684: Winter Mammalian Ecology

Students Researching in Snow

This 3 credit course will emphasize the adaptations enhancing over winter survivorship of mammals in northern environments. Lectures will discuss identification, natural history, behavior, physiology and ecology of mammals. Field exercises will employ live trapping and mark-recapture methods applied to small mammals, as well as postmortem physiological assessment of white-tailed deer. Students will become familiar with concepts in mammalian ecology, activity patterns, population processes, habitat requirements and adaptations that enhance winter survivorship.

Dates: February 21-23, 2020 plus Spring Break, March 15-21

Location: Adirondack Ecological Center, Newcomb NY

Cost: The course cost for 2020 is $500.

Prerequisite: EFB 202, EFB 320 or equivalent; permission of instructor is required.

For further information, contact Stacy McNulty, (518) 582-4551 ext. 102

EFB 418/618: Interpretation of Field Biology (May)

This two-week, three-credit residential course offers introductions to Adirondack flora and fauna in a regional context as subjects for various interpretive programs and products such as nature walks and trailside presentations, and slide presentations. The application of professional interpretive techniques and the inclusion of natural history in science education are highlights. Taught in summer, even years.

Note: Credit will not be granted for both EFB 418 and EFB 618.

Prerequisite: EFB 320 or permission of instructor.

For further information, contact Paul Hai at (518) 582-4551

Additional fees: Board/meals of approximately $312 plus transportation fee TBD