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SUNY ESF Alumni Association
Board of Directors Position Description


The ESF Alumni Association, Inc. was incorporated in 1925 for the following purposes:

  • To promote and cultivate friendship, fellowship and cooperation among the alumni, students and faculty of the College.
  • To assist and promote the College in the attainment of its objectives.
  • To serve and assist the membership as necessary within the capabilities of the Association.
  • To represent the membership in the affairs of the College.
  • To solicit, receive, invest, and disburse funds in pursuit of the preceding stated purposes.

Individuals are elected from the general alumni population to serve voluntarily as members of the Association’s Board of Directors.  It is anticipated that each director’s personal commitment and influence with others will serve to ensure the growth and success of the Association and thereby assist the College in attaining its objectives.

Any graduate that has earned a bachelor, master or doctorate degree from the College, who has a desire to serve, may be selected by the nominations committee of the Association to run for election to the Board.  In addition, potential board members should have:

  • a general concurrence with the purposes of the Association as noted above.
  • a willingness to improve the quality of the Association through (a) voluntary participation at a level commensurate with the membership of an active alumni board, (b) the time and inclination to get involved with Association activities and (c) a commitment to work with the Alumni Office staff to carry out the Association’s activities.

A member of the Alumni Association Board agrees to the following:

  • attend at least two of the three scheduled board meetings each year, which includes the Association’s annual meeting;
  • attend events sponsored by the Association where Board participation is critical to the success of that event;
  • be alert for opportunities to promote the purpose, goals, and objectives of the Association;
  • Serve on at least one of the following committees or as a member of the Executive Committee during the two-year term.
    • Scholarship Committee
    • Strategic Planning Committee
    • Alumni Association Grant Committee 
    • Audit & Finance Committee 
    • Graduates of Distinction Committee

Board Members of the Association are elected to a term of two years via electronic ballot.  Any Board Member who misses two consecutive Board or Annual Meetings without an excused absence, may be asked to step down by a vote of the Board.

The success of the ESF Alumni Association, Inc. is vested in the commitment of the volunteer board of directors.  In recognition of the unique demands on these volunteers, all elected directors are assured of a strong and reciprocal commitment from the Alumni Office to provide the information and expertise necessary for implementation of, or follow through on, initiatives stimulated through voluntary effort.  In addition, the Association agrees to provide Director’s and Officer’s liability insurance to protect Board members.