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Saturday, April 1, 2017 - Saturday, April 22, 2017
12:00 am - 12:00 am

Location: In 7 buildings on campus

Event Description: This April, in the three weeks leading up to Earth Day, ESF will be participating for the first time ever in a national electricity reduction competition called the Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN), the largest short-term electricity reduction competition in the world! Now in its sixth year, CCN gives a voice and motivation to hundreds of thousands of university students, staff, and visitors across North America, all working together to reduce consumption and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Below is an overview of ESF’s participation in the competition:

1) Duration
• April 1st through Saturday April 22nd.

2) Participants
•ESF, and universities and businesses across North America.

3) Goals
•Engage, educate, and motivate people to conserve energy in their buildings
•Foster a culture of energy conservation and awareness
•Achieve measurable reductions in electricity use, and related greenhouse gas emissions
•Highlight the ability of behavior change tools such as competitions and public commitments to conserve energy

4) Target
•Achieve the greatest percentage reduction in electricity consumption on campus, compared to a prior two-week baseline.

5) Implementation:
•In addition to competing against other schools across the country, five teams of students enrolled in EST 427/ 627 (Environmental and Energy Auditing with Dr. Teron) have signed up to assist conservation efforts in five buildings on the main campus
•The five student teams/buildings will compete internally against each other to save the most energy by impacting behavior changes in their assigned buildings: Illick, Baker, Jahn, Walters, and Moon
•In addition (and to make it more fun!), we've secretly assigned Bray Hall to Team Admin+ (President's Office, Student Affairs, Communications, College Foundation, etc.)
•All students, staff, faculty are encouraged to participate, this is an ESF-wide effort and all individual actions to save energy are appreciated and meaningful.

6) Commitments
•Student teams are currently collecting individual office "commitments" within their assigned buildings, targeting specific actions that can reduce electricity consumption such as shutting off unnecessary lights, computers, and other office equipment when not in use and after hours, or encouraging the use of desk-lamps and power strips, etc.
•Commitments will be shared publicly using visual aids including door hangers, post-its on boards in Gateway, and social media.

7) Impact
•Case Studies show that behavior change can account for 5-10% reductions in building energy use. This could equate to tens of thousands dollars in potential savings from electricity alone, and tens of thousands of pounds of avoided GHG emissions.
Those are the basics. We hope you find the competition enjoyable and informative, and know that your individual daily actions and conservation efforts do have a measurable and important impact! Please feel free to send any questions and feedback to sustainability@esf.edu.

Have fun!
-ESF Sustainability Office

Amelia Hoffman

Sponsor: Office of Sustainability

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