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Chemistry Department Seminar: Dr. Alexander ArtyukhinCampus Calendar

Monday, August 12, 2019
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: 145 Baker Laboratory

Event Description: Alexander Artyukhin, PhD, will present his seminar:Biosynthesis of chemical signals, lessons from worms and mammals, Abstract:
Small molecules play important roles in biology, controlling key physiological pathways that regulate behavior, lifespan, development, and metabolism. The size of the animal metabolome is comparable to that of the genome and proteome but structures of most small biomolecules remain unknown, let alone mechanisms of their biosynthesis. Our goal is to connect metabolites with their biosynthetic genes and probable biological functions. I will show how untargeted metabolomics pipeline based on high-resolution mass spectrometry can be used for identification and characterization of signaling molecules in worms and mice. C elegans and other nematodes use simple building blocks derived from conserved primary metabolic pathways to create chemical language that regulates many aspects of their life. We studied a peroxisomal β-oxidation mutant to systematically characterize metabolites processed through this pathway in worms and found hundreds of new, unexpected structures. Motivated by this chemical and functional diversity, I explored sex-specific metabolomes in mice and discovered plenty of uncharacterized molecules derived from oxidative amino acid metabolism. Some of these metabolites result from reactions never observed in animals before. Dr. Artyukhin is a candidate for a Biochemistry position in the Chemistry Department.

M'Lis Traver

Sponsor: The Chemistry Department

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