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6th Annual Field Days!Campus Calendar

Friday, September 17, 2021
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Location: Various locations around campus

Event Description: This is the sixth Annual Field Days, sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, in an effort to bring new students together with ESF faculty and staff. The events listed are all geared towards exposing students to the wonderful
research opportunities and areas of expertise among our faculty to build relationships between everyone.

Plant Parenthood 101-Propagating “Queen of the Night” Cactus - Terry Ettinger
1, 2, 3, 4pm - 530 Illick Hall - Max 10 students
Native to forested regions of southern Mexica through Guatemala and Honduras to Costa Rica. A true cactus, it grows as a sprawling epiphyte through the canopies of trees one hundred feet or more above the forest floor, rooting into detritus that collects in the crotches of large branches and pockets of damaged and decaying wood. Dinner-plate sized, creamy-white blooms open for one night only from June through September. Participants will start their own specimens by means of stem cuttings taken from the two plants in the Illick greenhouse collection.

Birds on Campus - Dr. Mike Schummer & Grad Students
1 & 2pm - Front of Moon Library (Rain Location: 238 Illick)
Come hear and see the beautiful birds of campus and Oakwood Cemetery. Learn about urban bird life, identification, and apps that aid in bird study. Participants should bring binoculars if they have them (limited supplies available). (45-55min)

Join the Forest Ecology Lab! - Dr. Ruth Yanai
1, 2, 3, 4pm (Join any time) - 176 Baker Lab
Join us today to find and count sugar maple and beech seeds from 2019 (a mast year) and pick roots from soil and size them. Join weekend field trips to New Hampshire to collect tree cores, soil cores, and leaf litter. Our overall goal is to understand ecosystem response to nitrogen and phosphorus limitation, using a forest fertilization experiment. Apprenticeship and independent study projects available.

Hands-on Paper Recycling and Testing - Ms. Kelly Watson-Collins and Mr. George Westby
1, 2, 3, 4pm - 102 Walters Hall - Max 20 students
Paper has been handmade for thousands of years. Come try this ancient technique and make a sheet of paper with your own hands! In addition, perform some destructive tests to see how much force it takes to crush, punch a hole into, and pull apart different kinds of paper. (30 min)

Paper and Bioprocess Pilot Plant Tour – Sean Hohm
1:30, 2:30, 3:30pm - 102 Walters Hall - Max 20 students
Take a guided tour of our pilot-scale facilities producing a variety of bioproducts. Learn how raw sustainable materials such as tree fibers are processed into paper on our 130’ long paper machine and how grasses are processed into biochemicals using our 500 gallon cooker and ethanol from our 100 gallon fermenter. (30 min)

Explore the Flow of Water in Streams and Rivers - Dr. Steve Shaw and Karen Karker - 1:30, 2, 2:30, 3pm- Hydraulics Lab, 106 Baker Lab - Max 15 students
Learn about hydraulic structures, channel erosion, and stream flow measurement techniques. (30 min)

Explore the Moon - Ruth Owens, Casey Kons, Jane Verostek, Matt Smith, Nan Clark, Doug Moore, Donna Follet, Michael Stowell
2:00-4pm (Drop in) - Front Area Moon Library
Come visit the friendly librarians and staff of Moon Library! We will have a brief scavenger hunt which will help you learn about spaces and resources available to you in the library (including a new study space, the Writing Resource Center, the Public Speaking Lab, and more). Find the clues and be entered in a drawing to win some fun prizes!

Forestry’s First Freshmen: Fun Facts - Kevin Reynolds
1 & 3pm - 141 Baker Lab - Max 20 students
What was it like to be a freshmen at our College the first few years after it opened in 1911? What academics were taught? How much was tuition? What were the College entry requirements? How did the students socialize? What role did Syracuse University have in our College’s beginning? These FUN FACTS and more are revealed at this presentation! Come learn about your own student history!
(45 min)

Patterns in Nature - Nasri Abdel-Aziz
1pm - 146 Baker Lab
You will be introduced to the relationship between Fibonacci Sequences and the Golden Ratio, then we will go out to explore and identify their patterns in nature. (45 minutes)
Water: Ever Flowing, Never Knowing, Where It’s Going? - Dr. Russ Briggs
1:30 & 2:30pm - Quad bench slab in front of Bray Hall - Max 15 students
How rapidly will water move into the soil at two places on our campus that are not too far apart? We will consider the implications for plants, storm water, and people.

Importance of Insects - Dr. Melissa Fierke
1:30, 2:30, 3:30pm - Quad - Max 20 students
We will be sweep netting to ID insects and looking through pinned insects to talk about how important and wonderful they are! (Rain: 117 Illick)

Virtual Reality and the Digital Forest
Aidan Ackerman
1:30 & 3pm - 231 Baker Lab (Landscape Visualization Studio) - Max 12 students
Take a walk through a virtual forest using Oculus Rift VR! We will be demonstrating forest visualization research by ESF students and faculty, all created at ESF’s Landscape Visualization Studio using video game design software. Take a walk through the Adirondacks, tag trees for a sustainable forest harvest, build a deer fence, observe trees grow, and more! Note: disposable goggle covers and lens wipes will be provided so that students can safely share the VR headset.

Composting Food Waste - Douglas Daley
2:30 & 3:15pm-170 Baker Lab [shop wing]- Max 15 students
Learn the recipe for successfully composting at your home, workplace or community. Fungi, and bacteria, and worms, oh my. A hands-on experience with an active composting research project right here on campus. Free samples. (37 minutes)
Sustainable Campus Plantings Justin Heavey
2pm—Tour departs at Illick Quad (south) entrance
Join the Sustainability Division to see and learn more about sustainable plantings on campus including willow bioenergy crops, hardwood forest restoration, and the Gateway green roof.
Watching Paint Dry or Stopping a Speeding Bullet with Light- Dr. Mark Driscoll
1:30 & 3:00pm - 182 Baker Lab (shop wing)- Max 15 students
See the near instantaneous curing of coatings and composites using “energy curing”. Also discussed is how this technology can have benefits for the environment, public health, energy use and sustainability, and health care. (45 minutes)

Tour of the Digital Storytelling Studio (DSS) Tyler Dorholt
1:30-3:30pm—Moon 014
Come join us in Moon 014 to talk about stories and how we share them across digital platforms. You can learn more about all the film and audio equipment that is available for free rental, as well as the software the studio uses and is available for you to explore. We can discuss quick ideas for projects and learn more about the clubs and opportunities available at the DSS. The DSS is now in its fourth year and will be expanding in size and scope as it moves back into Marshall Hall for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Laura Crandall

Sponsor: Division of Student Affairs and ESF Faculty

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