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Phytoremediation SeminarCampus Calendar

Thursday, February 7, 2013
12:30 pm - 1:50 pm

Location: 12 Illick Hall

Event Description: Phytoremediation in Cold, Remote Sites: An Overview of Laboratory and Field Research
Dr. Reynolds will present work on remediating contaminated soils in cold regions such as Alaska and Korea. His work includes long-term examination of contaminated sites.

Remediating contaminated soils in cold remote regions is difficult due to location, weather, and limited alternatives. Dr. Reynolds has conducted remediation tests in Alaska and Korea and monitored total petroleum hydrocarbons and specific fractions. Results indicate a significant plant and plant-nutrient impact. The Alaskan site was left without additional treatment or maintenance for 15 years. A subsequent study is investigating the long-term changes in petroleum concentrations, microbial function, and plant colonization. Preliminary analyses indicate a relationship between native plant succession and the planting and fertilization treatments originally applied. These long-term studies will provide insight into the mechanisms, efficacy, and plant succession for phyto- and rhizoremediation.

Lee Newman

Sponsor: Lee Newman and the Department of Environmental and Forest Biology

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