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Dr. Peng Gao, "Sediment dynamics in Oneida Creek Watershed: retrospect and prospect"Campus Calendar

Hydrology & Biogeochemistry Seminar

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Location: 110 Moon Library

Event Description: Oneida Creek Watershed is an agricultural watershed with the area of 387 km2, located in southeastern side of Oneida Lake. Water quality of its main stream, Oneida Creek, and tributaries is degraded by suspended sediment and phosphorus, which are typically supplied from non-point distributed sources. In the past eight years, we have studied spatial and temporal changes of suspended sediment transport within the watershed using a variety of approaches including field monitoring, geomorphologic survey, GIS and statistical analyses, fingerprinting test, and watershed modeling. We revealed the complex transport patterns of within-event sediment transport, developed the relationships between water discharges and sediment concentrations to predict sediment loads for different seasons and years, and identified no fingerprints that may be used to link sediment source areas and downstream sediment transport. The main conclusion is that sediment dynamics may be best characterized at the event time scale. By demonstrating recent results of sediment modeling using a physically-based event watershed model, Dynamic Watershed Sediment Model (DWSM), I will show the possible future research directions.

Emily Stephan

Sponsor: Hydrology & Biogeochemistry Seminar

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