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Tap Into Maple Syrup at Heiberg Forest

That tap, tap, tapping you hear in ESF's Heiberg Forest isn't woodpeckers looking for insects in trees, it's the forest properties crew tapping trees as maple syrup season kicks off. (3/3)

March Mammal Madness Takes to Twitter

Who would win in a battle between a musk deer and an aoudad? Or between a harpy eagle and a Goliath beetle? What about a pink vent fish and a lathe action (snail)? The answer to those questions could be answered in March Mammal Madness 2021 that starts March 1. (2/28)

ESF Student Honored with Award for Student Excellence

Heaven Ortiz, a senior at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF), was honored with the Norman R. McConney, Jr., Award for Student Excellence. The award, now in its second year, recognizes outstanding Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students for their academic excellence and strength in overcoming significant personal obstacles throughout their lives. (2/24)

Vending Machines Part of the Plastic-Free Solution

The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry has removed all plastic beverage bottles in vending machines across its campuses, supporting the College's commitment to address plastic pollution. In 2020, SUNY ESF was the first New York State college to sign the #breakfreefromplastic campus pledge, committing to develop a roadmap to a plastic-free campus by 2025. This pledge was developed by PLAN (Post-Landfill Action Network) and is part of the Break Free From Plastic movement, which was started in 2016 to eliminate single-use plastic internationally. (2/23)

ESF Hires Project Director for NYS Center for Sustainable Materials Management

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry has announced Kate Walker McArdle will serve as the Project Director for the New York State Center for Sustainable Materials Management. Walker McArdle brings with her 15 years of experience working in environmental educator and program management roles. She has worked for and with government agencies, universities and non-profits. Walker McArdle holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from St. Lawrence University. (2/19)

Class Crosses Continents to Prepare Consultants

Graduate students from universities on three continents addressed environmental issues facing people on every continent including food insecurity, energy production, and natural disasters. All areas were investigated with an eye for leveraging emerging technologies to tackle the life-defining challenges. Registration for the Fall 2021 graduate-level course opens in March. (2/19)

ESF Against the Stigma of Mental Illness Promotes Mental Health Awareness

ESF community members are invited to participate in the campaign launch of the "ESF Against the Stigma of Mental Illness." (2/12)

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