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A Lesson in Keeping Water Clean


SYRACUSE, N.Y. - Anyone who works to provide New York residents with clean water can learn more about important resource management policies.

A two-day workshop sponsored by the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) and the Watershed Agricultural Council's Forestry Program will give participants the tools to understand the science behind the policies that are designed to control non-point source pollution in the New York City watershed and other areas.

Non-point source pollution brings impurities into water through a non-direct route, such as automobile emissions and run-off, rather than through a direct route, such as discharge from an industrial facility.

The workshop, called "Water from Natural and Managed Watersheds: Controlling Non-Point Source Pollution," is geared toward natural resource professionals, municipal officials, and representatives of environmental groups.

It will cover basic principles of the behavior of water on watersheds; the chemistry of water in the natural environment; relationships between land use and water chemistry; and strategies, methods, and examples of the best management practices used to control non-point source pollution.

The course will be taught by Dr. Peter E. Black, a Distinguished Teaching Professor in ESF's Faculty of Forestry. Black specializes in watershed hydrology and environmental impact analysis. He has been a faculty member at ESF for 32 years and has written more than 70 articles, books, chapters, consultant reports, and instructional films.

The fee for the workshop is $150. Pre-registration is required. Those wishing to register should call the ESF Office of Continuing Education at 470-6891.

The workshop will be held June 10 and 11 at the Holiday Inn, 503 Washington Ave., Kingston.