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Notce to Visitors to Heiberg Forest


SYRACUSE, N.Y. - Summer visitors to SUNY-ESF's Heiberg Forest on Maple Ridge Road in Tully should be aware of some changes that could affect the time they spend at the Forest.

Some changes are intended to reduce trash dumping, vandalism, and damage caused by vehicles to roads and trails on the property; others are the result of reduced staff and budget allocations.

Visitors driving into Heiberg Forest must enter and leave the property at the Maple Ridge Road entrance. All other entrances will be closed. However, limited parking is available at the closed entrances for visitors who wish to park and walk to their destination.

The speed limit on forest roads is 15 mph. It is illegal to operate ATVs and 4x4s on the property at any time.

The fish-by-permit program and the stocking of ponds has been discontinued. Individuals still may fish at the Heiberg ponds, provided they obey state conservation laws. The use of boats, canoes, float tubes, or live bait is prohibited.

There are no public restrooms or telephones at Heiberg Forest. Emergency services, such as towing, are available only through commercial providers. Visitors should plan accordingly.

Anyone with questions about the use of the property should contact the manager at 315-469-3053.