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Students, President Share Views

Meals with Neil


students and President Murphy at 'Meals with Neil'ESF students and their college president have found a way to trade ideas and keep abreast of each other's concerns. They call it "Meals with Neil."

Dr. Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr., ESF's president, has been meeting periodically with groups of students over breakfast or lunch. They share a meal and viewpoints about what's happening on campus.

Lauren Newton, a freshman biology major, thought Murphy was responsive to the students concerns. "I felt he was listening to us," she said, "and [will] use it to make a difference."

Dr. Julie R. White, associate dean, said the get-togethers were suggested by student leaders at a retreat in the fall of 2000. They wanted more interaction with the president.

The group that met February 21 discussed their impressions of freshman life, progress and activities at the Day Hall Learning Community, and concerns about the size of some classes.

Mike Tripodi, a freshman resources management major, said the president took notes.

"It was so cool. As a freshman, I got to speak directly to the president of the college and he actually cared what the students thought.

"At most universities, students don't even know who the president is, wouldn't recognize him if he walked across campus," Tripodi said. "Here, students see Dr. Murphy all the time." discussions with the President