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Dr. Carmen McCoy-Harrison

Memorial Service April 23rd

Dr. Carmen McCoyOn Wednesday, April 23rd at 5:00 p.m. in Hendricks Chapel on the Syracuse University campus, the family, friends and colleagues of Carmen McCoy-Harrison will gather to celebrate Carmen's exceptional life and all that she has meant to each of us. Brief reminiscences, musical selections and a candle-lighting ceremony will be followed by a reception and informal fellowship in the Noble Room in the Chapel.

A memory book is being compiled in Room 110 Bray Hall, ESF. If you wish to submit a letter, poem, photograph or drawing, please do so by Wednesday, April 16. If you would like your letter to be considered as a selection to be read at the Celebration, please so indicate.

We would like to hear from the wide range of all those whose lives have been touched by Carmen, but our time together is limited. If you would like to be considered to make one of six three-minute talks, please so indicate to Jim Heffernan, 470-4771, JMHeffernan@esf.edu, by Wednesday, April 16. You needn't submit text; just indicate your interest and we will notify the speakers on Monday, April 21st.

An online "electronic guest book" is available for reading and
adding entries at Syracuse.com.