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Passover Model Seder Night at SUNY-ESF

April 28, 2005

(Syracuse)—Jewish students at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry want to share their religion and tradition with other students, faculty and staff with a Passover Model Seder on Thursday, April 28, 2005.

One of the people behind the effort is SUNY-ESF senior Audrey Saper of Nyack, NY, who is studying nature interpretation and natural history."Passover commemorates the liberation of the Jews from slavery in Egypt,and the Passover Seder is a ritual meal telling the story," Saperexplained. "The great thing about the Passover Seder is it answers all thequestions of 'why do we do this'"

"As an educational event, the Seder makes it really easy because everyoneparticipates. For example, the question 'why are you eating thosecrackers, the matzo'" is answered while everyone gets to enjoy a piece.The food is put into a historical context," she said.

"The Seder is also a family event. Most Jewish holidays are family events, so you have a lot of personal touches. Our model Seder will not be exactly the way that some people observe the holiday, but the idea is to bring everyone together to celebrate our past as Jews and to celebratewhere we are today," she said.

The Passover Model Seder will be held in Alumni Lounge in Marshall Hall from 6 to 8:30 p.m. About 75 people are expected to attend and enjoy a complete chicken or vegan meal, but observers will be welcome, Saper said."We would like to see this event become part of the regular activities ofthe Baobab Society, the cultural and diversity club at SUNY-ESF," Sapersaid. "We are hoping it becomes an annual event."


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