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Students penalized for illegal downloads & file sharing

Avoid computer quarantines and student judicial penalties!

The number of ESF and Syracuse University students whose computers have been quarantined for illegally downloading and sharing music, movies and video games has increased dramatically during the first four weeks of the Fall 2006 semester as compared to the same period last year. This increase is most likely the result of stepped-up monitoring of these activities by the music and entertainment industry, which causes an increase in the number of complaints to SU. Students feel the crunch when they cannot get online either through SU's wired network or AirOrange until they have contacted SU's Information Technology and Services (ITS).

It is illegal to download to your computer copyrighted materials (music, video, images, software) for which you have not obtained a license through purchase, rental agreement or written permission from the copyright owner. Additionally, it is illegal to distribute (share) copyrighted materials across the Internet without the written permission of the copyright owner, even if you have obtained a license for the material through purchase or rental agreement.

PLEASE NOTE: First copyright infringement offenses that are reported to SU will result in the student's computer being removed from the SU network (wired and AirOrange) until the matter is resolved. Second offenses reported to SU will result in a referral to the ESF Judicial Process and a requirement that the computer undergo a FreshStart repair at the ITS Student Computing Support Center at a cost of $34.95 (plus tax) before it can be connected to the SU network.

Legal music downloading services are available through a number of online vendors, including iTunes at http://www.apple.com/itunes, Ruckus at http://www.ruckus.com, Yahoo! Music Unlimited at http://music.yahoo.com (SU network only; not available via ESF campus network) and Napster at http://www.napster.com.

Further information about file sharing is available on the ITS website at http://its.syr.edu/security/desktop/filesharing.cfm.


Contact Information Technology and Services:

Phone: 443-2677
Email: consult@syr.edu
URL: http://its.syr.edu/security/desktop/filesharing.cfm