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Lake Preservation Focus of Boat Excursion

Dr. Robert Werner and preservation partners tour Skaneateles Lake

The video originally included in this story is no longer available via this page. Contact web@esf.edu if more information is required.

Monday July 23rd, Dr. Robert Werner, Professor Emeritus SUNY-College of Environmental Science and Forestry conducted a media boat tour from his home on Skaneateles Lake highlighting efforts to protect and preserve Skaneateles Lake.

Through a cooperative effort involving the Town of Skaneateles, Syracuse University and the Tri-County Lake Pure Water Association divers are at work removing Eurasian watermilfoil from the lake bottom. The divers are working by hand to minimize the impact on surrounding sediment.

Why bother? EW is considered a serious problem in Skaneateles Lake because it has the potential to spread very rapidly and significantly alter ecosystem functioning by holding nutrient rich silt in the nearshore and enhancing nutrient recycling.

Dr. Werner, a fisheries expert, points out, “We often don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it. That is certainly the case with many lakes in Central New York. Recent studies and news reports have highlighted some of the difficulties facing local lakes. To name just a few of the challenges: problems with invasive species; abundant algae affecting the clarity, smell and taste of the water; and depleted oxygen levels in the deeper strata of the lake leading to ‘dead zones”.

In addition to the milfoil eradication, the Upstate Freshwater Institute is out on Skaneateles Lake once a month measuring phosphorus, chlorophyll, water clarity, temperature, and oxygen levels as well as checking for invasive species.

For more information on the effort visit: http://www.skanmilfoil.com/mainpage.php

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