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SUNY-ESF Builds Wind Turbine Power Generator

Heiberg Forest in Tully now home to a 5-kilowatt wind turbine

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The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) today began testing a new "homeowner-sized" wind turbine to power its remote classrooms at Heiberg Forest in Tully, N.Y. As part of ESF's commitment to service learning, a group of students analyzed various locations for a wind turbine and their work helped locate the turbine at Heiberg. Another student worked to assemble and erect the wind turbine. Once testing is complete, the new ESF wind turbine will be tied in to National Grid and begin producing electrical power.

ESF has introduced a new Renewable Energy minor as part of its environmental science programs and the wind turbine will be integrated into the program. The wind turbine will augment the technologies ESF already has adopted in an effort to make the college's practices more sustainable: a fuel cell, photovoltaic arrays, a green roof and campus biodiesel production. The wind turbine is another demonstration project that will reduce the College's carbon footprint, save the college money and expand educational programming opportunities.

The Endurance S-250 grid-tie wind turbine with a peak power rating of 5 kilowatts has been installed at Heiberg Forest on a 126-foot monopole. The system is expected to generate 6,000 to 9,000 kwh per year, based on the 12 mph average wind at the site. The wind turbine will provide a significant portion of the electricity required to power the two classrooms located there and is similar to a turbine that would meet the needs of a rural residence.

In addition, the system will take advantage of New York state's net metering rules so any power generated in excess of the classroom needs during parts of the year will be credited to other periods of the year when usage exceeds the wind turbine production.

The wind turbine is another step in ESF's commitment to achieve a carbon neutral campus by 2015.