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Science Made Fun in Parish, NY

ESF Chemistry comes to Parish

by Debra J. Groom / The Post-Standard
Saturday January 24, 2009, 11:02 AM

Parish, NY -- Tables full of beakers, test tubes, household liquids and dry ice transformed Parish Elementary School's gymnasium into a 'mad' scientist's laboratory.

Dr. Neal Abrams, assistant professor of chemical education and inorganic chemistry from State University College of Environment Science and Forestry, stopped by to show Parish Elementary pupils how fun and exciting science and chemistry can be.

Abrams conducted some interesting and safe science experiments and chemical reactions that the pupils also can perform at home.

Following these harmless demonstrations, Abrams wowed the pupils with a few more technical experiments involving dry ice. He flash froze a single long stem rose and then hit it against the gymnasium floor where it shattered into hundreds of tiny little pieces.

Then, he flash froze a banana and drove a nail through it.

Abrams' visit helped kick-start the kids into thinking and working on their upcoming science projects. Pupils in kindergarten through fourth grade are working on projects that will be showcased in the school's upcoming Science Fair Feb. 6.